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    Bying Twin Ranger pures CB -44-49I will be using the payment method of Paypal I dont need any cash on the account The accounts must have no bank pin or recoveries The accounts must have only range trained and no other combat stat except hpBuying a STR Pure.Willing to pay up to 10M based on the stats the account has. Some things im particular about: -Account must have no email registered and recoveries removed -Looking for 70+ strength/range, 40/50 attack, 13/31 prayer. Post away[RSGP]buying decent pure[RSGP]BUYING A DECENT PURE FOR RSGP SPENDING 15M-20M PLEASE POST OFFERS OF ACCOUNTS OR LINKS TO THREADS POST TO CONATCT. PM OFFERS SOMETHING IM IN NEED OF A PURE THANKS MATESSelling G-Mauler! 82mage DT DONE!Getting rid of this pure; I never play it anymore. The account probably has about 500k worth of stuff in all, has a pretty neatly arranged bank. I'm looking for Rsmills for it. So offer a price here or pm me or me. : [email protected] strength pure! FTPCould be made into anything you really want. Had it lying around don't use it at all and would like to just get rid of it. Questions can be posted here or asked on - [email protected] 6M takes it away.selling level 81 with 91 mining!!!i am selling my level 81 has 83 range and 74 mage and 91 mining and i am selling for 15 mil rsgp ACC NEEDS TO GO pics- ://s1226.photobucket/albums/...11/madmage640/ email- [email protected] also my but rarly on that - javier.jimenez46[Paypal/Swap/Maplestory] LVL 3 SKILLER 99 AGILITY ( 1 2 3)TAKING $30, GOING FIRST TO SOMEONE TRUSTED. I am selling this account as it is, all information possible will be given to you. I recently purchased it here and now have decided to resell it. I have no A/W but don't bother posting an idiotic bid "$5 START LOLOLOL" No, it doesn't work that way. Make a fair offer and leave, if I like your offer I'll consider it. I go first to trusted people, otherwise we will agree on a MM. I WILL NOT SWAP FOR MAINS. PURES AND SKILLERS ONLY. [email protected][RSGP] username logins || willing to go firststats are irrelevant must be done with tut island or w.e paying 500k per, after 3/4 no recovs no black marks no emails nothing that makes it recoverable AT ALL nothing bot-like as a name etc willing to go first depending on how trusted you are trying to build my trust and need a few username login accs PM ME, DO NOT POST, LEAVE EMAIL ADDRESS I WILL NOT CHECK THIS THREAD, BE WARNED
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