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    sell cb 74 pure 20 def [RSGP]well , im new on sythe . We use OMM or something i Guess There is like mm dunoo , 1M stuff on it [it isnt memb anymore] pics here : [IMG] [IMG]99 str l 99 range l 98 mage l 95 hp l 42Def l 99 mining l 94 Rc l 99 FM l82dung CHEAP ( 1 2)It has adamant gloves , dt done MM done etc. You can get barrow gloves and still stay at 45 defence with 4.3k exp from 46 def. Great great Mage boxing account or rapier account! too bad it doesnt have any rapier. SB : 50$ A/W : 75 $. OMM shall be used , you cover up the fee's[Paypal] Maxed 30def [99+10] Turmoil pure; 70m+; 96Dung; Full quested; ( 1 2)Gone.[63 And 65 Cb] 99 Str 99 Wc 94 Mage 90 Range 52 Prayer [fire Cape] Mith Gloves QuestsNo auto wins are set atm. Looking for real cash offers, don't want RSGP or other accounts, i'm trying to quit rs. Post here or PM me offers. Will only sell these with OMM or through my pure~addy gloves~ DT done~ MM done~ unholy bookI have tryed to sell this account before but the other person recovered the account he traded me! So I am trying to resell this please dont try to scam me. here are pics: my is [email protected] aw is 50m i am only accepting rsgp. NOTE: no longer a member1DEF 72CMB PURE 4sale [rsgp,pp, swaps]PLease delete this topic[PayPal]Level 65 pure| 77 str, 80 ranged, 99 thieving[PayPal]$25!This is a great level 65 pure. 77 Strength, 80 ranged, 74 hp, 1 defence, and best of all 99 thieving. It has the quest desert treasure done up to the ghost robes. There are also the book for zammorok and guthix, but there are no pages in them. This account also has a decent amount of wealth, 1m in cash, and alot of items in the bank that total up to more. There is no email registration, no recovery questions, and i can provide the first 3 passwords. I would like to use a middle man during this trade to make sure it goes smooth, we will use one we can both agree on using. I Only Use PayPal, please dont offer anything else. If your interested, please message me on messenger, my email is [email protected] $25!!!!!High range, mage, str pure w/ DT done, 11 prayer, 1 DefenseDead A$$ Thread
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