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    [PayPal] Looking to buy a zerker/turmoil pure -$80wana buy a pure can only pay through paypal will only go first if trusted. look for a zerker, quested with b gloves and veng or a turmoil pure. spending NO MOE THAN $80... post or add me : [email protected] level 94 Zerk - Slayer helm Done - Rune Gloves ( 1 2)Login Screen: Stats Pic: ## Bank Pic (networth): Quests: Taking Paypal only Inbox me or Reply to thread if u have a nice bid im hoping for around 50-100m if possibleSelling Level 84 [88 Dung - 430k Tokens]430K DUNG TOKENS! Account has been fully trained with the dungeons account was made to be a tank with a little work this acocunt could be great for pvp and pvm the account is currently f2p! a/w $125 paypal tokens and stats login screen image hostingGreat 1 Def Pure 90 DUNG!!!!Selling this account due to I am bored of runescape. Post offers or pm me for my ! Also post any questions...[Selling Zerker Pure] 94mage, Full Void, Dragon/Runedefenders, Lunar, Ancients, ETC.Hey, im Jon and im selling my Zerker! The pics honestly explain it all so heres a pic of the loggin such as No recs/membership etc. Loggin/Recs/Membership- i56.tinypic/72t5pj.png (might wanna try to zoom in abit) its got 3month mem if u cant see. And heres all the items/stats- i52.tinypic/2mqlq50.png It has Veng, Barrage, DT, Lost city, avas, and many more quests done, its a GREAT and trust me GREAT pking account. Contact me- My is [email protected] but i advice you guys to add . My is Cradle-Lyke-A-Dreidel I kinda rushed through this thread because im playing xbox.. but if i left anything out just msg me, BTW MSG your / b4 you send me a request, so i know who you are and what you are offering! Thanks Jon!!ex-pure 94 mage! dt donePure that got defence Only owner of the account 94 mage, dt done Shot at 2011-07-08 Shot at 2011-07-08 Shot at 2011-07-08 Shot at 2011-07-08 post offers.. will consider them all if no low balls! i put a lot of hard work onto this account. Make it into something even better! Feel free to post on here and ask for my email address, we'll talk through there or pm. Thank you. RSGP please.Selling Maxed T Zerk - Various other accounts - IRLPPWUGPChaseEtcPLEASE CLOSE MY OTHER THREAD - I put it in the wrong section. Thanks Hey guys. Basically I've decided to give on on RS. I've got better things to do with my life than play a computer game. So, with that said - I'll be selling my accounts off. Payments accepted - PP - Trusted users ONLY Gp @ .5 - I will be reselling it to a BULK BUYER as I do not want to waste time selling GP at .7 WU - Preferred. I have a WU about 5 minutes from my house + I have a car. Mail or Bank transferChase quickpay is also acceptable. Possibly IRL - Basically i need MTG Cards - Xbox360 stuff or clothing gift cards - (PacSun/H&M and possibly AE) My wardrobe of clothing got ruined lol. There is no A/w. I will sell the account when I feel an appropriate bid is met - Current bid: Acc 1 - $0 Acc 2 - $0 Acc 3 - $0 My is in my signature. ADD ME I WILL NOT ADD YOU. Account One - Maxed Turm Zerk. This account is an absolute beast in the wildy. It's fully quested besides hand cannon. The account is the leader of a small team, no famous pkers or anything of the such. He also has been accepted into Phalanx (RPTank clan) You can either choose to continue the process (You need two references to be accepted) or just forget about it. Main highlights - 5X99's. 3X90+'s. Turmoil - All done and ready for use. Korasis Sword - Done. Ancients - Done. Lunars - Done. Barrow Gloves - Done. Spirit Shield - Is on the last part of the last quest, I may finish it if I have time. It will honestly take you about 15 minutes. Log in - Email will be removed at your request during the trading process. Bank and Stats - Offenses - What you get with this trade - The Username and password YT account (nothing on it as of now) A text doc full of information - 755 letters. Phalanx Log in for clan purposes if you continue the app process. Account 2 - Is a basic ranged tank - 2 spaced name in this format - 'X-XX--XXXXX' Combat level is 70 - Is not quested. I have all info on the account as well Log in - Stats - Offenses - Account 3 - Starter obby mauler - 4X spaced name. Email will be removed if requested. The name is Sir----Mac (- are actually spaces) - Since the name matters, ill post this one. Log in - Stats - Offenses - I WILL BE ADDING MORE LATER. I have to head out for now though Good luck. Cheers!Selling near MAXED Hybrid - CB 75Selling my combat 75, 1 defence pure with MEMBERSHIP. Looking to sell for RSGP for my main. NO RECOVERY questions set and NO EMAIL registered. All recommended quests are completed, including addy gloves. All offers will be acknowledged. Thankyou. Stats: s1117.photobucket/albums/...nt=pure3-1.png UPDATE: 96 RANGE, 87 HP No recovery or email: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure1-1.png Quested items: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure2-1.png PM, POST, or [email protected]
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