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    [RSGP]Perfect Rune Pure|40 Att n' Def, 93 STR, 31 Pray, 77 CB | F2P Killing machine!I'm selling my epic Rune Pure for RSGP Pictures: Stats: Items/Bank: Login Screen: A/W: 23m RSGP A Verified will be used Other info: It has done dragon slayer (of course). It has no active offences,I can take picture of it if you want). As you can see it has turkey food and turkey book wich are discontinued items you could obtain from the thanksgiving event, kinda useless but I don't think there's many who actually kept them.[RSGP] Range Tank~ Barrows Gloves ~ Fire Cape ~ 92 Hunt! [RSGPThe title says it all, I'm selling this account for RSGP only. Auto win = 30m ~The account has b gloves AND a fire cape ~Has 90+ hunter Here are some pictures: (Hunter is now 92) ~Post away[RSGP] looking for a good pure [15M]helloo, i am looking for a pure, reqs are - DT done - Addy Gloves - MM done - 60 ATT - and 1 DEF thank you, and dont try to scam me, i will not fool in it. ps: sorry for bad english im dutch.[rsgp]Buying a decent zerk[rsgp]Looking for this: 60-75 attack 85+ str 45 def 52 pray Fully quested Must be Trusted.[SWAPS]Buying F2P Pure. 40 att. 90+ str.[SWAPS]I will not go first unless your highly trusted. Otherwise you go first, or we can use a OMM and you pay the fees. My vouches can be found in my sig. All i want is 40 att and 90+ str 1 def. Other stats don't matter to me. Account im swapping it for. sythe/showthread.php?p=8355825#post8355825 : [email protected] for nice dualer or pker RANGERWill pay with PP verified.{rsgp} Tank with turmoil/ extremes/ 6 99'sHello! i'm telling this tank and i want to focus on a new pure i have. price: 100m rsgp or a santa ( as i can see them rising ) Rules: i will not go first. i dont care if i have a low post count or anyhting lok at my join date. IF you do not wish to go first, feel free to purchase an OMM ( there usually a 10% free so its not much) NO ACCOUNT SWAPS OR PAYPAL. Anyway heres the account.Selling Pure - Combat 70 , Mage 94/DT done/addy Gloves/Horror from deep Done.Bank - is over 10 million. Stats: (acc is F2p) offer USD ONLY!
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