Buying  1 Week Buying "Report as spam" for a given Instagram account

Discussion in 'Instagram Services - Buy Sell Trade' started by CptSalazar, 5/31/20.

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    If you have the power to increase the followers of an account, you probably have the power to report it as spam as well.

    I will pay $50.00 to the person who will successfully shutdown an Instagram account via spam reporting.

    The target account is clearly abusing the follow back strategy (visible on Social Blade), which makes it a good candidate for termination in my opinion. In addition, the hashtags used in the posts are almost always bait and unrelated to the content. I am unsure that this will be sufficient though, so feel free to share with me another plan if you have any. I'll be glad to adapt my offering.

    For now I am buying at least x1,000 spam reports for a given price, and I will pay an additional bounty to reach $50.00 if the account is successfully suspended.

    So let's discuss, and I will share with you the target account once we agree on a deal.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.