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    **LVL 3 SKILLER** 99 Cook, 92 WCI'm selling my level 3 skiller! I'm mostly looking to swap for a good rusher/pure but I might accept rspg. Stats: :// I can trade this account and up to $20 paypal for a good pure. Thanks![30B+ Vouches] Selling Two 9HP AccountsAdd my if you're interested: [email protected] CheersBuying Pure rsgpWould like to buy a pure for rsgp looking to spend anywhere from 1m-100m but will be more comfortable around ten Post offers here or pm mebeast 10 hp pure only 50 cbhi up for sale i have a beastly 10 hp pure nice account no recovs or email looking for rsgp only paypal from trusted people. do not offer account swaps. thanks again pm me for . here are the pics.╚═╗ Zeal Accounts ╔═╝ [70+ Vouches] [35+ Accounts Sold] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)closed Code: - I'm the sole creator of all accounts - All accounts were made with short, fake emails. (e.g [email protected]) - No recoveries/emails are set on the accountsPost here and PM me if interested. RSGP only. All offers will be considered Upon purchasing, you will receive a PM containing Code: - All passwords changed in exact order - ISP used to create the account - IP used to create the account - Membership details - Country and State in which the account was created. - Precise creation date and time I have lots of 700 zeals accounts. Ask about them. Concerning Trades Post here and PM me with your offer if your interested My contact - [email protected] Previous Buyers Quote: Originally Posted by tyrant101 Went first Bought a Zeal Mule that had 2800 zeals for 260m =) Very nice buyer plus...he comes from a good state i'm just sayin Quote: Originally Posted by theassmonkey bought a zeal mule for 150m! WENT FIRST SO BIG AND JUICY VOUCHE FOR THIS ONE ! Quote: Originally Posted by jerjer sold me a 2k+ zeal acct. I went first for 140m and I was sent info very quickly. great seller! Quote: Originally Posted by muzy007 Really Really big vouches for this man Aval. I went first 140m he gave me his zeal pure right after with all information! Thank u for having u in .! GL Quote: Originally Posted by DWC Smooth trade. I went first, 125m for a 2k Zeal account. Will gladly comeback if I need anymore in the future. Thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by dawnoffayt Bought a 1221 zeal pure for 91mil, I went first, and even walked me through the process, my first buy, awesome experience =). Quote: Originally Posted by jerjer sold me a zeal mule for 80m rsgp. i went first, great seller! Quote: Originally Posted by taylor1234 Great guy, bought 779 zeal account for 53m..i went first and he sent account details immediately after...He was easy to talk to and sent the account details asap. Quote: Originally Posted by loljulian sold me an acc with 1.2k zeal i went first went VERY smoothly DD[Dung pures] Jimmys pure shop' [Sw prod] ( 1 2)Hey guys Finally getting around to selling these pures! Account 1: 80 Dung pure - 50 combat Taking offers at the moment. Account 4: Sw prod - 51 combat Good 4 letter name. Taking offers. Account 2: SOLD! Account 3: SOLD! Have a few more to put up but wont be doing at the moment. _________________________________________________ Only accepting paypal from people i see as trusted. Otherwise offer RSGP. I dont have much vouches but there better then nothing - ://:80/showthread.php?p=9668311 PM me or post here.Account with 91 fishing for sale! 15 mill gets it!Hi, i need cash for my main so i am letting go of this account for 10m!!! which has 91 fishing. I will not go first, here is a picture of the account:Sell 2 Low level Gravite Pures. [RSGP]The title says all. I'm selling 2 acc's with Gravite 2h on acc. Post your offers. 1. Acc: 2nd Acc: (didnt wasted tokens yet). :] ToS; ~I will go first to TRUSTED people. ~We can use VMM. ~if you're not trusted enough and you dont want to use VMM; you go FIRST. Scammers gtfo. :] : [email protected]
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