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    [rsgp]So okay guys im selling this mauler bcus im tired on it. It has 75 str 30 range 13 pray 42 farm 66 thieving i did sorceress garden mostly on this acc. It got no blackmarks or anything like that. The combat level is 42 and yeah its a pretty good mauler. So it got member til the 7th november 2011 and it got a fake email log in and no recoverys/email registred. so i'll guess the highest bid wins im trying to sell this pretty fast bcus i really need the money. Thanks. Edit: if someone can please change the title to [RSGP] 42 CB obby mauler 75 str [RSGP] [Highest bid at the moment is Old English @ 5m]★★★ [11+ Vouches] [RSGP ONLY] Skiller [CB3] 2x99 & More ★★★Closed[RSGP/PP]Level 40 w/ 99 Fishing! ( 1 2)Hey, here to sell an account I'm not in need of anymore. Black Marks: Login: Stats: is in my sig, thanks.[BUYING] Skiller level 3 combat [SWAP]Hello, Before I go any further I am only buying accounts off people who have 10+ vouches. I am looking to swap my main for it, link: :///showthread.php?p=9826711#post9826711 All details should be listed there however any further questions pm me. I am looking for a skiller who has 99 thieving, others I am interested in, is mining or runecrafting. The account can be botted in the past but must not have been botted in the past 30 days if you have any offers post here or pm me. I will go first. Thanks Soviet[RSGP] Low level 40 attk pure-74 str--76 DUNGEONEERING-[RSGP]A/W: 15m. C/B: 6m. Has recoveries and email.-Will change email to yours and give you answers to recoveries in a PM or note.doc.A You will go first. Depending on who you are, I will be willing to go 50/50. MM's? You pay fees. No tokens spent.Selling AMAZING Level 52 Acc. with a 99!Selling the Level 52 in the pictures below. Im going to tell you right now it has 1M worth of Members stuff on it but thats all the money it has. It has the skills for Money Making but it only has 1m on it. Message me or post your offers on here. Thanks. :)[RSGP/PayPal] Selling 99 mage pure [RSGP/PayPal]hello Selling this 99 mage pure! Pm me or add my ! [email protected] :// ://[PAYPAL] - [F2P 9cb] - [ 2x99 and 646 TL]Am looking to make an extra $ for my main so decided to sell my skiller! This account has no recovery questions I am the original owner of the account and can provide pretty much all the details for a recovery test. I'm 100% fine with a vmm. A/W - 10mill
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