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    Bought from Moloko Good morning, I was testing some python on a trial account and got banned, as I expected might happen...but CCP seems to have banned my other accounts who logged in from the same IP =). So I've changed my HWID (Working in an IT department with extra hardware laying around has it's perks) and changed my IP address (called up Comcast and asked them to pretty please make my current one go away). Now I just need a new account...but I don't feel like starting at ground zero. I'm interested in a 50m SP+ combat pilot, no Amarr (sorry! laz0rs suck =P) the bigger, the better. I'll pay via gift from my verified business account...$4 per million SP from 50m-80m, and $4.25 from 81m and up. Trade will be done through a , someone on these forums with a good reputation...who it will be is up for discussion. Don't bother pm'ing me asking if I want your 20m SP account, because I don't. Don't message me asking if I want to buy your miner/industrial character, because I don't. Don't pm me asking if I want to buy your 150m SP account for $1000...because I don't. I set those prices and I intend to stick to them. (If the character can fly a Marauder I'll pay an extra $10, just because I like you.)
Thread Status:
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