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    Main Characters Skill Points Group: Between 60,000,000 to 65,000,000
    Main Characters Total Skill Points: 62074650
    Main Characters Total Number Of Skills: 156
    Charisma: 17
    Intelligence: 19
    Memory: 19
    Perception: 30
    Willpower: 25
    List All Character Implants:
    List All Character Skills: Solarik Attributes Intelligence: 19.80 Perception: 30.80 Charisma: 17.60 Willpower: 25.30 Memory: 19.80 Drones [​IMG] Amarrr Drone Specialization [​IMG] Caldari Drone Specialization [​IMG] Combat Drone Operation [​IMG] Drone Durability [​IMG] Drone Interfacing [​IMG] Drone Navigation [​IMG] Drone Sharpshooting [​IMG] Drones [​IMG] Gallente Drone Specialization [​IMG] Heavy Drone Operation [​IMG] Minmatar Drone Specialization [​IMG] Repair Drone Operation [​IMG] Scout Drone Operation Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,877,306 Electronics [​IMG] Cloaking [​IMG] Cynosural Field Theory [​IMG] Electronic Warfare [​IMG] Electronics [​IMG] Electronics Upgrades [​IMG] Long Range Targeting [​IMG] Propulsion Jamming [​IMG] Signature Analysis [​IMG] Target Painting [​IMG] Targeting Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,693,051 Engineering [​IMG] Capital Shield Operation [​IMG] EM Shield Compensation [​IMG] Energy Emission Systems [​IMG] Energy Grid Upgrades [​IMG] Energy Management [​IMG] Energy Pulse Weapons [​IMG] Energy Systems Operation [​IMG] Engineering [​IMG] Explosive Shield Compensation [​IMG] Kinetic Shield Compensation [​IMG] Shield Compensation [​IMG] Shield Emission Systems [​IMG] Shield Management [​IMG] Shield Operation [​IMG] Shield Upgrades [​IMG] Tactical Shield Manipulation [​IMG] Thermic Shield Compensation Total Skillpoints in Group: 6,277,355 Gunnery [​IMG] Advanced Weapon Upgrades [​IMG] Controlled Bursts [​IMG] Gunnery [​IMG] Large Blaster Specialization [​IMG] Large Hybrid Turret [​IMG] Large Railgun Specialization [​IMG] Medium Blaster Specialization [​IMG] Medium Hybrid Turret [​IMG] Medium Railgun Specialization [​IMG] Motion Prediction [​IMG] Rapid Firing [​IMG] Sharpshooter [​IMG] Small Blaster Specialization [​IMG] Small Hybrid Turret [​IMG] Small Railgun Specialization [​IMG] Surgical Strike [​IMG] Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration [​IMG] Trajectory Analysis [​IMG] Weapon Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 10,770,197 Industry [​IMG] Industry [​IMG] Mining Total Skillpoints in Group: 301,255 Leadership [​IMG] Armored Warfare [​IMG] Information Warfare [​IMG] Leadership [​IMG] Mining Director [​IMG] Mining Foreman [​IMG] Siege Warfare [​IMG] Siege Warfare Specialist [​IMG] Skirmish Warfare [​IMG] Warfare Link Specialist [​IMG] Wing Command Total Skillpoints in Group: 4,133,118 Learning [​IMG] Analytical Mind [​IMG] Clarity [​IMG] Eidetic Memory [​IMG] Empathy [​IMG] Focus [​IMG] Instant Recall [​IMG] Iron Will [​IMG] Learning [​IMG] Logic [​IMG] Presence [​IMG] Spatial Awareness Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,780,550 Mechanic [​IMG] Armor Rigging [​IMG] Hull Upgrades [​IMG] Jury Rigging [​IMG] Mechanic [​IMG] Nanite Operation [​IMG] Repair Systems [​IMG] Shield Rigging Total Skillpoints in Group: 856,000 Missile Launcher Operation [​IMG] Citadel Torpedoes [​IMG] Cruise Missile Specialization [​IMG] Cruise Missiles [​IMG] FoF Missiles [​IMG] Guided Missile Precision [​IMG] Heavy Assault Missile Specialization [​IMG] Heavy Assault Missiles [​IMG] Heavy Missile Specialization [​IMG] Heavy Missiles [​IMG] Missile Bombardment [​IMG] Missile Launcher Operation [​IMG] Missile Projection [​IMG] Rapid Launch [​IMG] Rocket Specialization [​IMG] Rockets [​IMG] Standard Missile Specialization [​IMG] Standard Missiles [​IMG] Target Navigation Prediction [​IMG] Torpedo Specialization [​IMG] Torpedoes [​IMG] Warhead Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 11,214,119 Navigation [​IMG] Acceleration Control [​IMG] Afterburner [​IMG] Evasive Maneuvering [​IMG] High Speed Maneuvering [​IMG] Jump Drive Calibration [​IMG] Jump Drive Operation [​IMG] Jump Fuel Conservation [​IMG] Navigation [​IMG] Warp Drive Operation Total Skillpoints in Group: 5,273,714 Science [​IMG] Astrogeology [​IMG] Biology [​IMG] Cybernetics [​IMG] Infomorph Psychology [​IMG] Science [​IMG] Thermodynamics Total Skillpoints in Group: 1,081,415 Social [​IMG] Connections [​IMG] Criminal Connections [​IMG] Diplomacy [​IMG] Negotiation [​IMG] Social Total Skillpoints in Group: 196,308 Spaceship Command [​IMG] Advanced Spaceship Command [​IMG] Amarrr Battleship [​IMG] Amarrr Cruiser [​IMG] Amarrr Frigate [​IMG] Assault Ships [​IMG] Battlecruisers [​IMG] Caldari Battleship [​IMG] Caldari Cruiser [​IMG] Caldari Dreadnought [​IMG] Caldari Freighter [​IMG] Caldari Frigate [​IMG] Caldari Industrial [​IMG] Capital Ships [​IMG] Command Ships [​IMG] Gallente Battleship [​IMG] Gallente Cruiser [​IMG] Gallente Frigate [​IMG] Heavy Assault Ships [​IMG] Industrial Command Ships [​IMG] Interceptors [​IMG] Jump Freighters [​IMG] Logistics [​IMG] Mining Barge [​IMG] Spaceship Command Total Skillpoints in Group: 16,620,309 Total Skillpoints: 62,074,696 Total Number of Skills: 156 Skills at Level 1: 3 Skills at Level 2: 15 Skills at Level 3: 21 Skills at Level 4: 44 Skills at Level 5: 71
    Estimated Sellable Assets To ISK: 0
    Wallet Status: Positive
    All Ships (Describe):
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