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    Selling Lvl 75 Zerker [1k+ total level][99 cooking][13m+ Wealth][Amazing Pker/Staker]What is included with this Intense account: An Epic Pker AND Staker 100% Non-Botted Ridiculous Non Combat Skills 1000+ Total Level Level 99 Cooking (Cooking Skillcape) Level 90 Fishing Level 65 Thieving (Able to Access the Summer Garden and make over 300k/h) Over 13m RSGP Monkey Madness Finished Mith Gloves (2 More Subquests to Rune) Account Pictures: Recoveries will be removed when I have found a suitable buyer. I will not be going first unless I fell you are extremely trusted. If you are interested please leave your here with your offer or Send me A Private Message. I will be accepting Paypal, RSGP, and Swaps. Current Offer: 38$ Current AutoWin: 50$(RSGP) Selling BEAST start turmoil pure. 100% quested. 99 AGILITY ( 1 2)That was rude :p Closed :pSelling Some Wiked Chars!!!hey guys just selling a few of my chars bid away. 1stats recovs 2stats recovs 3stats done monkey and preist in peral recovs 4stats recovs 5stats recovs 6stats recovs will go first if you are trusted, if not trusted or official mm, or you firstinitiate Pure LVl 65 89 fishing 84 wc!!! DT done!!![Rsgp]This account hasn't been botted on for a while there will not be that much wealth on because im selling for Rsgp for which i need. There is still one month of membership on it i got members from some one off sythe. THere are no Recovs and email will be removed when i get a buyer.There is no bank pin either MM or OMM will be used at your expense Starting Bid 5M stats this link add [email protected] post offer highest wins A/W=30M10 def with barrow gloves (RARE) [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey guys, I'm remaking a cleaner thread. About me: I used to sell some gold here and there on mayhem makers forums and I used to buy some pins, etc. I heard this was a good site to sell accounts so I'll have a go. I got too many accounts for what I can play so I'll be selling some. Firstly I'm gonna sell this pure. Stats are: attack: 20 strength: 93 def: 10 range: 10 hp: 15 Magic: 70 prayer: 70 hunting: 81 It has 188 quest points. Yes, you can use the gloves just as if you had defence. It has no recoveries, no email registered to it and it has about 30m on it at the moment. I'm not a scammer, but I do understand that being new on this site, I will have to use a middle man. I'm okay with that. So post away. Contact me on irc: AlexMeister is my nick. I WILL TAKE RSGP ONLY. I've been scammed over paypal by the kid's mom recovering money from me because he didn't ask her permition and that kind of crap, I really cba dealing with scammers on this game, which is why I will only take rsgp. Edit: Take into consideration that there is 30mish on the account (2 dharok sets, 1 guthan set, 2 karil top and 1.1m) when you make an offer. You offer 130m, that's actually 100m.[PP][RSGP]Buying an acc![PP][RSGP]Hello guys as a newcomer here at sythe I would like to open my trades with the buying off a new runescape account I have $50 I want an account with High attack range str mage quested ect, does not have to have wealth on the account post hereRune Pure Lvl 72 75+ WC!!!Hey guys, as you can tell I am a new person in sythe. I want to sell my pure for some membership. The stats are: 45 Attack (gravite) 77 Str, 40 def, 71 range, 45 prayer, and 60+ mage. I will try to take pictures if you want me to. Also, I have recoveries, which I will delete if someone wants this account. It has little gp, but has pking gear. I will not go first, unless its someone trusted or . Thanks! Oh yeah, I'm selling it for only 30 dollars.[RSGP] Selling Beast 93 Main - 99 Wc&FM - Firecape [RSGP]This account has some great features. Check it out! 30m A/W.
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