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    [DONATOR] Selling Zerker pure CMB 95+5 For RSGP[DONATOR]Selling this account behalf of my friend who is the original owner/creator of the account. Zerker pure with all the needed quests done, ancients, b gloves etc. Pictures below: As you can see there are no recovery questions set, and all the used passwords will be given when purchased. Account was created early this year but the precize date cannot be remembered. P2P has been paid by phone. Note that I am not going first on this trade, OMM can be used on your expense. A/W: 150M RSGP[RSGP/PP] Selling 40-99-1 w/ 90 Range (63 cmb) [RSGP/PP]NO SWAPS OR TRADES I am selling my level 63 pure, it is 40-99-1 with 1 pray and 90 range. I am the original owner and creator of the account. I will go first only to people I deem trustworthy. I have 42+ vouches and have sold over 1B on sythe, so I would expect most people to go first to me. If this is not your preference, you will have to pay for an OMM. I will be valuing RSGP at $0.50 USD per mil Current Bid: Autowin: $70.00 USD or 140m RSGP If you are interested, please post here/add me on /send me a pm My only is [email protected] ALWAYS ask for a pm before trading Account Stats: Net Worth (11 pieces of soul wars leg armor, it is UNTRABEABLE though for some reason it is valued at 125m a piece) Account Login: (no recovs/no email/no bank pin etc) Bans/Offences (none)[Swap] Level 78 1 def pure [88dung] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hello all I am here to swap my great pure for mostly a tank or something, but post all offers! I have just gotten bored of this account. We will use a MM. I will need help removing recovs and email cause idk how. IM LOOKING FOR AN ACCOUNT I CAN PK ON RIGHT AWAY, AND HAS TO HAVE WEALTH ON IT SO I CAN BUY GEAR, IM SICK OF PURE PKING. Features All full books Chaotic staff 229k dung tokens 88 Dung 95 hunter mith gloves backpack 4 brawlers 0 def exp Tokens: Items: Stats: : elitersj : [email protected] If someone could make pictures appear id be very happy NOW TAKING RSGP!!!!!!!!!!-Buying a F2P pure-It can only have 40 attack 80+ Strength 70+ Range 1 Prayer No Recoveries. If this can botted, can someone tell me a price, send me a message on sythe or on my . I will only pay in runescape gold, we can use a TRUSTED MM. thanks, btw add my below if you can help.[RSGP] Buying Quested 60 Att Pure [RSGP]Hello, I'm looking for a good quested 60 att pure. It has to have addy gloves, dt, mm, hftd, ect. It doesn't have to have 99s or even 90s, as long as it is fully quested and has decent stats. I will only buy from trusted members, as I'll be giving the cash in game. I can't pay for a MM right now, so I'd like to use a free one if possible. If I get the account I want within 12 hours I'll add a bonus 5M to whatever the price is. We'll negitioate the price together. I'm a very generous person. Please respond soon.amezing pure cb 71 99 mage 76 str 60 attk and addy glovestinypic/r/qwx3d4/7 tinypic/r/drcow4/7 tinypic/r/fnh4r9/7 :[email protected] offers pleas only accpt rs gpBying void ranger pureWell im willing to spend up to 150m on a void ranger pure Please post down below if you have an account which is a void pure45 Def Zerker [94 Magic][45 Def][1553][rsgp][member][91 CHello there,today I wanna sell this 45 Def Zerker,you know me from other Pages DragonDyce,CoraDyce and others. Account are Member,no Reqoveries,email,got gloves,dt,mm Done,He Readdy for PK. Offer and leave your contacts or Just Hit me By PM! PRIVATE MESSAGE A/W 20M CONTACT ME VIA PM
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