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    [RSGP] 1 def pure-94magic-81dung-99thiev-1,2k+ total [RSGP]:// Hey i'm selling this awesome prod, i've been working on for 2 months. I'll accept RSGP and wont fall for any kind of scam, the trade will be u first or u pay fees for MM. If interrested add : [email protected][RSGP][300$+Donor]Lym's Mining Account shop [Cheap][RSGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)closed.[Paypal/RSGP]56cmb-90range pure!Hello.I'm selling my fantastic range Pure!!!! combat 56 range lvl90! All stats 1 just 54hp and 90range!member 12days left!No black marks.Acc don't have recs and email only one password was used!I'm orginal owner.For photo : [email protected] start bid guys!~~~~[RSGP] WTB g2h pure [RSGP]~~~~EDIT: Purchased an account from TinnedPoop... thread closed sorry►►►►►►Swapping 131 for level 3 with Bunny Ears◄◄◄◄◄◄Hi! I'm currently looking for a level 3 (1/def/pray/etc etc) with Bunny Ears, but other skiller stats won't hurt either i.e fishing, hunting, wc etc Thanks! I'll be swapping for this account: :///showthread.php?t=1209949Selling F2P Gravite PureAs the title says, I decided to sell My gravite Pure, so I can get some money to fund my skiller. All info needed to recover is on the acc. Recovs will be provided, along with all passwords, ISPs, Creation date. info can be found here ://s1089.photobucket/albums/...ravite%20Pure/ No A/W set, just looking for a decent amount to get a few 99's CB level is 59, recently got 81 str and 77 dung. post offers here, looking to sell tonight. EDIT: lost grav weps. acc is still for sale, but cheaper. I will continue to work on dung till account is sold. currently 20k tokens off.CreativeNub's Pures --> 2007 MEMBER!CreativeNub's Pure Shop. Hello there, recently I decided to open my own shop, so here I am, selling accounts. I will be selling dungeoneering pures, some combat pures, possibly 99 mage 10 hp pures and I might be doing requests once I get a little more trusted. I will be accepting both RSGP and Paypal, RSGP is valued at 0.50$/Mill. CURRENTLY I ONLY ACCEPT RSGP* * This is due to me still having to do research on how to avoid getting scammed by Paypal. I will probably accept Paypal from trusted users though, not quite sure about newer people. Contact: PM me your and I will add and try to catch you online ASAP! Terms of service and other: Quote: * Please do not spam and or flame on my thread, any spam will be reported. * When trading, I will not go first to people I do not consider trusted enough. Mind you though, in my opinion trust is not based on either post count or your amount of vouches, but rather the quality of your vouches. * The accounts I sell are botted, they are not trained legit. They are botted safely though, with paid scripts only and no excessive proggies. Because of this: No refunds! Quote: The account you buy comes with: * Creation date. * All passwords ( Which is in almost all cases 1 password ). * An e-mail account with the same e-mail as the RS account, and obviously the password of the e-mail account. * ISP. * Recovery questions and or bank pin, if it has ever had one or both of those. The accounts: PRICES FOR 80 DUNGEONEERING ACCOUNTS / 200K TOKENS ARE 50M EACH. FOR GRAVITE PURES IT IS 20M EACH PLEASE NOTE THAT MY PRICES ARE FIRM! DON'T GIVE ME OTHER LOW-BALL OFFERS THEY WILL BE REPORTED AS SPAM. INSTEAD YOU CAN PM ME. THANKS. Stock: Login: By creativenub at 2011-08-19 Blackmarks: By creativenub at 2011-08-19 Account #1: By creativenub at 2011-08-19 By creativenub at 2011-08-19 PRICE: 50M Note: I might be making higher Dungeoneering accounts in the future. For now I'll just stick to 80 and 64, mainly because I don't know yet how much and how fast I'll sell my accounts and higher Dungeoneering accounts will require me to buy membership to keep it profitable.Sorc. Garden AccountSelling for RSGP or PayPal to trusted members.
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