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    Buying account! [RSGP]I am spending 14.5mil and I am looking for an account with: any 99 stat! Well not any, it can't be 99 cooking, woodcutting, or Fletching! Add my : [email protected] post offers belowStarter Mage Boxer! 99 Craft+Fletch! 15m A/w. Cheap!Hey I just wanna get rid of this account so a/w is 15m. No recoveries or e-mail. I honestly just want this account gone so yeh. [email protected][Rsgp] Selling Pure Ranger, Highest bid wins!Hey guys Selling this awesome range pure Bank Value = 2.5m His membership was paid by telephone Pretty much a starter pure lots of potential..I got cleaned on my main account and need to start over so this is my only way of really getting cash atm lol anyway highest bid wins I wont go first either we'll use a trusted middle man from here your choice as long as he has vouches I'm down.[PayPal] Selling Level 59Hey guys, I'm selling this account so offer up! I am willing to go first but it depends who I'm trading with. P.S. There's a tad bit left in my bank, around 500k in items (the items that are only 1 in stock) as well as junk.★★★ [11+ Vouches] [RSGP ONLY] Skiller [CB3] 99 wc & high hunter ★★★Closedbuying an account with 99 miningpreferred if it was untrimmed. Post hereBuying an account!Spending 14.5mil on an account! Post offers below~Level 3 | 85 FishingAlright, I'm the original owner haven't logged in on the account in 120 days. I found it on a old thumb drive. S/B - 5m A/W - N/A
Thread Status:
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