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    [Selling]level95 zerker|| 2 99's|| 140m banki will be selling this account on sythe, due to me making a pure. i'd like rsgp for this account (il be taking the wealth off the account if im selling for rsgp ofc) i've owned this account for around 2 years. add [email protected] on so we can talk about the trade.... I COULDNT GET PICS TO WORK SO... stats are, attack:75 strength:93 defence:45 range:99 mage:94 pray:52 hp:92 (will be 93 in like 30 mins...) woodcutting:99 I WILL SHOW PICS ON !!!! contact me on ASAP, i won't be on sythe a lot, so its sorta pointless posting here, thanksSell Pure! 75atk|94 str|95 mage|92 range|44 pray|MM+DT DONE!Hello, i know im not very trusted, but I have sold on a bunch of other websites. You can go first, Or you can get a omm and pay fees! ***Acount will have nothing on it. Login: Stats: quest: Turmoil Zerker, has FCAPE and TorsoHey guys i am selling this amazing zerker right here, the A/W is set at 200m RSGP or $200 PP, I will go first to people who i deem trustworthy only, recoveries are set, but like i said if i go first shouldnt be a problem. It has 145 QP, along with rune gloves and has DT,MM and LD completed. And is lvl 3 healer in BA, and comes with Firecape and Torso. No offers of less then 80m please, remember A/W is 200m RSGP and 200$ for paypal. Post and pm me btw. Uploaded with ImageShack.usstart out account for the right person [RSGP/PP]wrong section/ please closeAmazing 99 STR 60 ATK 65 DUNG [PAYPAL]STILL HAS 1MONTH MEM Paypal only. offer.Starter Rune Pure [trusted]Defence is fully quested, Fremmy trials and dragon slayer have both been completed, desert treasure is also completed. You just need to get 60 mining and raise defence to 40 and you can start Lunar diplomacy for VENGENCE! Post offers please, feel free to ask questions xx GOLD SHOP VOUCHES Quote: Originally Posted by bigem45 Huge vouch for "every username in use"! Bought gold went very fast Quote: Originally Posted by sythesfan Vouch for Eternal & Joanne, bought 50m quick. I went first! Quote: Originally Posted by I Laffd Vouch for "every username in use"! Bought an account from her for 7.5m! I went first, and she didn't scam! Thanks again! Quote: Originally Posted by itwigi BIG BIG VOUCH FOR 'EVERY USERNAME IN USE' BOUGHT AN ACCOUNT FROM HER, 9M, I WENT FIRST, EVERYTHING WENT SMOOTHLY Quote: Originally Posted by 99lighting Big vouch for every username in use Bought 2 accounts for 3.5m went first, everything went smooth. Quote: Originally Posted by Carruthers VOUCH for EUIU! bought starter tank 5m. i went first. all information. smooth fast trade. Quote: Originally Posted by bonecrusherrrr Bought the account for $20 and everything was great. I went first, got all the information quickly, and had a fun conversation at the same time. Definitely a vouch. Quote: Originally Posted by 99lighting vouch for every username in use bought another account for 3.5m went first, fast and smooth.Selling AMAZING F2P PKER! 40 Attack 93 STRENGTH 70 RANGE 1 DEF 1 PRAY!!Selling this amazing f2p pker only level 60. It has 93 strength, 70 range and 40 attack. This will be raping out in the wildy. I ONLY Accept RSGP. If you post offers with RS Account Swaps, I will report it as spam! I have no autowin set yet so just bid on it! Highest offer will win! I am ready to do a Verified Recovery Test by any VMM but you are paying the expenses. So bid in RSGP!AMAZING PKER - Lvl 62 ranged dds pure - 87 ranged - 10M bankSelling my beautiful ranged strength pure - amazing pker QUESTS: Animal Magnetism Death Plateau Dwarf cannon Good bank, Great pker, Money making stat - WC Approx bank value (also has 2k rune arrows ~300k) Stats: Combat: Post offers below - thanks
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