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    [99R][99M][90S][60A][1D]! Fully questedSOLD 5char[290+ Vouches][105+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 71 Pure | FM 99, Strength 90, Ranged 90SOLD! For more accounts visit my account shop. Thanks|89 Str | 82 Rng| 89 Mage | 52 Prayer | FirecapeSelling this solid pker with all pure quests done RFD, MM, DT, Horror from the Deep. Account comes with a Fire cape, Unholy book, Ghostly robes, accumulators, and mithril gloves. I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THIS ACCOUNT WHEN PURCHASED YOU WILL RECEIVE THE REGISTERED EMAIL AS WELL AS A TXT FILE WITH ALL INFORMATION (TRANSACTION ID, PREVIOUS PASSWORDS, CREATION DATE, ISP'S, ALL INFORMATION NECESSARY) THIS ACCOUNT IS PERFECT FOR A TURM ZERK OR JUST TO HAVE FUN PKING Login: Items: Stats: Quests: I WILL GO FIRST TO MEMBERS I FIND TRUSTWORTHY, OTHERWISE WE USE A MM I AM NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS PAYMENT METHODS: RSGP OR Paypal (Claim and Cancel) or 3 Month Membership cards from gamestop Starting bid: 30M/$15 AUTOWIN:???[Swapping] Great Tank with Chaotic Crossbow! And great stats![Swapping]Description : Hey guys today im gonna be selling my Tank with Chaotic Crossbow and a decent bank/stats. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pictures : Stats/Bank- i51.tinypic/29pqnpx.png Recoverys/Membership- i56.tinypic/2cz4ths.png ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Info : I know that i have recoverys and an email, and this is for saftey reasons, im not gonna make an account and get phished by my IP, If you wanna cry about it get a MM to do a recovery check, and i will give you the recoverys -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact me : The one and only way to contact me is through , and that are listed bellow. LIVE - [email protected] - Cradle-Lyke-a-Dreidel (Leave ur Or before you send me a request. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once again im selling my tank with a chaotic crossbow and im hoping on getting a good offer BTW i will be posting another thread under this post on my zerker, you might wanna check him out, hes not as rich, but its a start! Thanks -JonBuying 99 strength pure!!!Buying 99 str pure, name your price. I will go first if your trusted. If not then we use OMM you pay fees.[Swap] Swapping a Great Zerker with 94mage, Full Void, Defenders, Ancients, Lunar ETCHey guys its Jon again you guys might know me because of my previous sells/posts, today im gonna sell my zerk, with void, 94mage, ancients, lunar and many more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some pictures for proof Bank/Stats- i54.tinypic/v4p2bk.png Recoverys/Membership- i51.tinypic/121z9tv.png I understand that i have recoverys and this is for safety reasons, i will remove them during trade, or you may get a MM and do a recovery check, and i will give u them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact Info The ONLY way to contact me is through my and . LIVE - [email protected] - Cradle-Lyke-A-Dreidel ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Again, I will be trading my zerk for another runescape account, i dont care much for levels or money, so bid on (Korasi will win bid instantly) Thanks alot guys -Jonbeast lvl 75 chaotic pure/81 dung rapier/ (1 def!!!) 40m A/W 50m!!its so fun to pk with chaotic rapier/ comes with 6k tokens leftover in the dungeoneering shop. it has no recoves set and no registerd email, it does have mem untill the 4th of aug/2011 purchased via 7-11 jagex card for 30 days. i am trying to focus on my turm pure atm and could use the money to fund it. i am looking for 40m il set auto win to 50 tho. this will be my first acc sale on and i have 0 vouches. but even the most trusted sellers on started from 0 vouches. i am at that point atm. here are the photos: its name is sick as hell too my is : [email protected] private message me on here or invite me to a live messenger chat on . thanks for your time -mikeselling/trading a lvl 85 rs accpm me if u want full details, im looking for rs gp and i wont go first unless you have lots of vouches.the account has no cash lol 70 attk 69 constitution 68 str 70 def 61 range 66 mage 65 wc 65 mining 58 fishing and again im just looking for runescape cash and for the account, ill provide all details about it old passes and info, theres no bankpin no recoveries no e mail set so yeah im new to sythe but that doesn't mean im not smart so don't try to scam me
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