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    [RSGP] Selling LvL 88 Initiate Pure | Decent Bank [RSGP] ( 1 2)Ey fellas, selling my Combat lvl 88 Initiate pure. Will post pictures below. Add the in my sig if you're interested, would be nice if you posted here too. The 20 def is fully quested, Its done MM, rune gloves, DT, all the pure quests. I will NEVER go first. I do not mind using a OMM. Although you pay the fees. Pictures: Login: Stats: Wealth: Combat: Magicks: Bans: Enjoy bidding, taking RSGP only. Serious offers only, post here if you added my , else I probably wont add you. AW | 120 MILL. Thxbai[Rsgp/pp] Looking for 1 pray acc.Willing to buy a 1 prayer acc with addy gloves. Stats aren't very important, 1 prayer is a must. We can negotiate about the pricing. Post your offers here, or pm me. greets.[RSGP] Lvl 77 Pure High stats [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hey Guys im selling my pure , NEW PRICE ONLY 30M A/W HURRY IT'LL GO FAST! TOS: I'll under no circumstances go first even if bribed with money seen as i don't have recovers or email or any information to recover. Although I'll go first if your Trusted and many vouches . Note! the Account dose not come with claws! Here are some pictures. Stats. Black marks. And a Nice picture NEW PRICE IS ONLY 30M BECAUSE OF THE 4 DEF!!! My email is [email protected] w 30m. A/w $50free account glGone.(Swap)lvl 105 barrows pure 80-98-70 for lvl 86-89 purei am swapping my lvl 105 barrows pure for a good lvl 86-89 pure as i wat to pk with my irl friend who is that lvl, Ive been scammed once on this so i will not go first unless you are extremely trusted. account has addy gloves and mith defender it is no longer members though if u have a good offer i will make it one. i do not no how to upload pics but i will meet u in game to prove post offer here(extremely Good Deal) Lvl 74 Pker Cheap(must See)Hello, I am selling a lvl 74, 40 def pure. The bank only has around 250k but the account includes 1 month membership. My aw is only 5m but prices are very #. The faster the offer the cheaper I will drop the price. My is [email protected] If the trade goes well a lvl 31 with 48 magic will be rewarded after. Here are some pics:[RSGP]Selling Range Tank 99/90 QUICK SALE [RSGP]Ryan will MM and has verified the account. Has 99 range 90 def 70 prayer 102 CB. No recovories No pin No email set No offenses Looking for a quick sale 30m A/W or highest bidder. Has full melee void rest of the bank valued at 0.Selling lvl 72 Str Pure 92 Str 1 Defence - RSGPSelling My pure As i am focusing on my lvl 34 Pure Name: Haha Gf You Email: No Recoveries: yes ( i am in process of deleting ) Membership: No PICTURE: s1232.photobucket/albums/...nt=pure2-1.png Stats: 92 Strength 85 Magic 70 Constitution 40 Range 60 Attack 52 Prayer ( i've smited like 7 D Claws ) PICTURE:s1232.photobucket/albums/ Quests: Horror From The Deep/ Desert Treasure/ Monkey Madness/ Lost City Add me on to chat - [email protected]
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