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    [RSGP/WU]Amazing rapier staker starter pure lvl 74 with 90hpclosed.Selling 2 Mains (83 and 89) I trade first (RSGP)Hi, I have two accounts to sell.. I want 7m for each of them, and i want the trade to go down something like this. I give you first account, then you give me payment, once i know you're legit i will give you the second password in return for the second 7m. Hoping to sell these as a pair (14m for both obviously). Edit, If you are not trusted, we will be using mm instead. IF INTERESTED PLEASE POST/PM/MESSAGE ME ON dan...rice Account1: Account2: (weak stats left out for both) Att=71 Att=70 Str=75 Str=68 Def=70 Def=62 Range=73 Range=70 Pray=46 Pray=46 Mage=72 Mage=55 hp=74 Hp=71 agi=39 agi=48 herb=34 herb=26 thiev=53 thiev=32 craft=47 craft=62 fletch=72 fletch=55 slayer=40 slayer=23 mining=62 mining=57 smith=40 smith=47 fishing=71 fishing=65 cooking=76 cooking=64 fm=50 fm=47 wc=71 wc= 71 farm=30 farm=19 *Feel free to look these guys up to confirm* For some reason the login screen for Archerboy692 says he has recovery questions set, however if you look at this screenshot, it says i have no questions to cancel. Great Deal!?70 def pure-90 range-93 fishing-87 smithing-60 dungacc for sale cus i need cash for main acc all tokens are their. bank has nothing of value , but the acc can make you some serious money will take bids but no stupid bids like 5m a/w 35m only taking rsgp (i will not be going first) happy shopping[RSGP]Beast staker 94 att 95 hp 96 def![PAYPAL]Ok, so I'm selling my staker because i want to buy a PKer. This staker took alot of time and effort to make, and it has a a perfect built seeing as how it is 1 summoning and defence. It can be maxed out at level 113. Owns at boxing, I've made about 100m. I'm tired of staking now there are too many scamming noobs >.albums/s.gleerecov.jpg STATS: i574.photobucket/albums/s.gleestats.jpg A STAKE A WON A FEW MINUTES AGO i574.photobucket/albums/s...mwinboxing.jpg As I said I put alot of work into this account and the price signifigantly goes up since it it such high combat with 1 pray and 1 summoning, looking for good RSGP/PAYPAL offers. PLEASE POST YOUR ON HERE BEFORE ADDING ME: [email protected] accounts one penny!first one is perm muted 90 magic add my literally 0.01 is in sigSelling Beast Pure - DT and MM done ! 1 DEF !I am willing to go first to trusted members, and I am only accepting Paypal! Possibly GP depending on the amount given upon. Most pure quests completed : [email protected] 1 def pureI'm buying a pure. Been browsing around here, and 3 people already have backed out of omm trades and what not. I'm looking for 94+ Mage [DT DONE] A MUST 1-60 Attack 85+ Str 85+ Range 1-52 Prayer NO Recoveries And No email would be amazing. Typical Hybrid stats. Will use a MM or OMM. I'll pay fees. I ONLY HAVE RSGP [email protected][buying]99 Str/1 Def Account.I am looking for an account with 99 STR, 1 DEF, 60-70 ATT (must have MM done). Wealth of the account does not matter. Some non combat skills would be nice too though. I am offering either PP or RSGP. Please post what you have here along with a price. = [email protected]
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