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    Awesome range pure! [sorc garden]Account had members renewed on JULY 4th! 35 days worth! This account can do sorc garden and is an epic pker! A/W 20m Has about 1m wealth! Account comes with past info from the original owner! in siggy!Selling 3 Accounts (Main, Pure, Skiller) [Levels: 89, 55, 6]Ok well i have had most of these accounts for some time now and i never really play on them, so ill list them off in order. Level 89(Main): Just a Basic starter main, has desent stats and a few old holiday items. Level 55(Pure): This was my F2P pure. It has 66 Dung and a Gravite Rapier. The stats are good for the lines of a F2P pure, and i can promise you that it DESTROYS anyone in the wildy. Level 6(Skiller): I always wanted to have a skiller, so i started this account like 2 years ago. It is mainly based on fishing, but also has really good mining, smithing, cooking, Wc. Great source of income in F2P. PICTURES Level 89(Main) AutoWin: 20m Level 55(Pure) AutoWin: 25m Level 6(Skiller) AutoWin: 20m Feel Free to post offers/Questions. Thanks guysSelling LVL 89! tank! With good gear and 2943K!Hey guys, Basically selling the account for whatever you have to offer! It's a great account but I'm just bored of runescape and I want It to go to a good home! Username: benjonasty So you can look at all the skills....NO black marks, total level: 1272, dragon b axe, dragon shield, and dragon helm! Plus loads of runes...etc... Email me or whatever selling low!selling range pure 91 range 90 hp! lvl 66! rsgpNo Recoveries No Bankpin No Email Registered Very good staking account Membership active with 15 more days as of today Stats that are not 1 are: 91 range 90 hp 43 agility 50 mage 17 mining and 13 thieving I made over 200 m on this account but i have decided to make a lower leveled staking pure! Accepting offers! message me for more info! idk how to put pics up but i can send you pics when you are interested on buying! Thank You!Selling Beast Level 74 Initate Pure!!! Must SeeHello there everyone and i am here too try and sell my initate pure. I will send pictures via if anyone is intrested . Here are some things too point out about the account . - Stats - 60 attack 77 strength 20 defence 52 prayer 94 range 85 magic and loads of good skilling stats. -Quests- Fully quested initate pure pretty much - dt done - mm done - recruitment drive done - adamant gloves. and lots more! Please add me on my if intrested : [email protected] I WILL GO FIRST TOO TRUSTED MEMBERS! I PROMISESelling pure! 45-90-1 ( 1 2)closed.[Paypal]Cheap Chaotic ZerkerWell I'm tired of trying to sell this account for $70+. So im just going to get rid of it easy and sell for a minimum of $48 or 50. The Auto Win/Buy will be $60. Has Fremmy Trials,D slayer, Monkey Madness and all that goes with those done. Chaotic Rapier with 81 Dung. 800k til 99 strength. 82 mage for people who want Blitz (cba to quest,that sick of the account) Membership til July 18th. [email protected] Again the starting price ill take $48-50. $60 Auto Buy/Win NO SWAPS OR RSGPOld Main, 2 99's, Mainly Skilling./Acc sold
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