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    Buying Whip Pure! [RSGP]Hi, I'm buying a whip pure, I'd like the stat's to be around: 70 Attack -70 or +70 Strength 1 Range 1 Mage 1-31-52 Prayer And I'll be paying with RSGP, we will be using an MM or you first! : [email protected] Beast Zerker!Add My :[email protected] Or my :mark9409 Im accepting rsgp and paypal. If the pictures don't show up try the links: perfect stakerthe tittle says it all selling a perfect staker has rapier and 74 stats are still pretty neat and it also has good skilling stats Note:has 74 dung because it have to get it rolled back so when people searched your stats they would think you only can use "whip"[PP] Buying Tank/potenial Tank, dung + Quests [PP]hey guys im looking to buy a tank wether its mage or range!! please dont offer me any accs with no dung/quests as i can max one out in a few weeks... we will talk about the offer over or paypal. im only willing to buy with PayPal and will be going firsst to anyone with 20+ vouches none fake dont pm just add me and we will save the pms till we have agreed on price. - poontangpie1 - [email protected]!!|RSGP| Selling 79 Rune Pure |94 MAGE|65 DUNG|Selling this decent Rune Pure. Has no offenses, 65 dung and other notable skills. It has about 100k wealth so I didn't post a picture of the wealth, fairly decent in f2p. With a little more training it could be a pro account. CB = --are you for a AWESOME staker? with insane skills on it??Then here you go! Over 17m fish exp!! Over14.5m Crafting exp And ofcourse 82 Dung!!! Full statius on it! worth 31m! No bank pin. no recoverys. no email ofcourse - we use mm/omm unless i deem you to be trusted. BID!Zerker pureselling a zerker pure, not the best of zerker pures but abit more work and it'll be there. gear- (have an arcane stream, and as you can see by the zerker ring, it is imbued, also have a archers ring imbued in bank) stats- 87 prayer, abit more work and it'll be turm, i have done turm quests. only accepting real life money, add my to talk about the account more. name " Grantzor " cheers.Buying A Pure Or ZerkerJust looking to see what i can get, i have up to 400mil to spend. If you're looking for more because it has gold on it, just clean the acc. Zerker: must have barrows gloves must have lunars must be fully quested Turmoil is a plus chaotics is a plus Pure: addy gloves is a plus 1 defense, unless it's a turmoil pure w/ 30-33 chaotics is a plus. must have combat 99s
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