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    Selling Amazing Staker (99 Mage, 75 Dungeon, 80 Attack / Defence Full Statius)Selling my staker that i don't really use for anymore. NO SWAPS, PAYPAL OR RSGP ONLY Pros: Fully Customizable to be whatever type of staker you want Can get 99 ranged without leveling combat Can become a Great Mage Boxer with only a few quests! Cons: None =D : PM Me or Post yours Price: S/b 20$ / 35M RSGP (Full statius cost 20m+ alone lol) A/w None Set Pictures:[MoneyBookers][CHEAP] 95 Str 90 Mage 76 Att 21 Def Pure! [CHEAP][MONEYBOOKERS]Again, I'm not new to account selling, only to sythe. I'm fairly trusted on PowerBot, (Join date 2009, 16 Feedback, 240 Posts) So do not strike me as a noob. I'm selling my very nice initiate pure, the defence is pretty quested. It has up to addy gloves on RFD, has a lot of useful quests done including MM and DT so for now it can pot to barrage. Some very nice skilling stats including 64 farming 65 Thieving and 65 Agility, along with a pretty rare 3 letter name. It's pretty wiped with only 3.7m and some more in bank. Very great account, it was my ags pure. Maxed in the high 600s with AGS, it owned everybody. Can also be turned into a korasi pure. I DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING EXCEPT MONEYBOOKERS. NO PAYPAL, NO RSGP, NO SWAPS, ONLY MONEYBOOKERS. Post/Pm for my !Selling Turmoil Pure. 99cb ( 1 2)Title says it all im selling a Turmoil Pure, Ive owned this account for more then 5 years now, i believe its time to quit, one of the main factors is that this game is kinda destroying my life, Im always staking my GP away its like an addiction, You Win Big Then You Get Cleaned by some fucktard. This Account Has A Semi-Rare Name. Account Stats: Gloves: The Account is Fully Quested Minus Anchor And Prossy, Due to me being lazy! its one of the most beastly 33 Def Mains out there. I'm Still thinking about not Quitting but if the right offer comes along i will sell the account, Unfortunately I've Been Cleaned Numerous Times and the account is basically at rock bottom bank i estimated it between 300k-700k at the most. What you see is what you get here. The account is currently Email Registered and Recovery's Set, Upon a decent offer i will agree to a recovery test, And upon sale the email will ofcourse be transferred to the Buyer. The Account Is Really Clean As Black Marks Go Only Two Mutes Which In Two Instances, Were Implied On. I Will Be Using OMM, At Your Expense, If a reserve it met i will pay fee's, Althought Recovery Test is at your expense. Post Offers Below. I Will Not Under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO FIRST.Buying any account (kinda)Hey guys im buying pretty much any accont just post it below im using paypal and id like it to have members and be a pure 1-45def so yea just post away.Selling Epic 78cb 1 def pure! 99 Mage/rangeSold, i have a level 69 pure might add pictures later other then thta this topic anc be closed.Swaping Two Decent Accounts For A Dung Pure!!Closed Sold![Paypal]94 cb Zerker|94 Mage|83 Herblore|B Gloves|+More![Paypal]I am selling my zerker pure. I created this account, there's only been 1 owner. Comes with no recovery questions. Reason for selling is because I just dont play at all anymore. My zerker has: -Barrows gloves -Slay helm(not bought) -Spirit Shield -Def is fully quested(45-48 was from getting hacked) -All pure quests done(Lunars, dt, rfd, everything!) -Original 1 word display name. -183 qp -83 Herblore -94 mage -2.5m wealth -No blackmarks Make an offer on the account, I'm open to anything. Strictly Paypal only, any posts not referring to the sale of my account will be reported as spam. is [email protected]@ (remove the @) Feel free to contact me at anytime! Thanks.[RSGP]Selling Amazing Initiate Pure[99Str][99Mage][84Dung]made a new topic close this.
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