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    BUYING any pure with CHAOTIC!Hey, It's NoFreedom here, I'm looking to buy ANY PURE with a CHAOTIC WEAPON or 80 dung and 200k tokens I am willing to spend $250 maximum. You must be trusted and willing to do a recovery test. [email protected][Selling 1 Def Pure][94 mage][83 range][Firecape][68 cmb]~RSGP/PP ( 1 2)Hi, i'm looking into selling my pure seeing as I play my main now. The account has a month of mems and: A/W is 50m RSGP I will not go first unless you are trusted. If you are not trusted or will not go first you must pay for an OMM. Please pm me or add me on at [email protected] **I will not add anyone - add me to prevent imposters**Selling the 2 pures you've always wanted ( 1 2)Sup guys, selling my 2 pures, time to quit rs. I WILL SELL THESE ONLY THROUGH AN OMM OR NO TRADES No autowins are set atm. Post your offers, i might take RSGP if its the right amount. Thanks guys[$20] 70 Combat Mage Boxer [$20]I am selling this for $20 PP This account has around 1m wealth spread around in the bank : [email protected] I will NOT be going first, you can get an OMM with your fees if you are not comfortable with going first NO MM will be accepted under any circumstances, read above lineAmazing 99 STR Pure for Sale ( 1 2)hey sythe i am selling this account because i am starting lose interest in runescape as i lost my level 3 tht i kept 77M which i used as a safe acc to keep my cash in but it got hacked and i lost tht so i have decided to sell my 99 str pure and will continue to make pures to sell here are the stats: here is the wealth: if interested please post below and add me on my located in sig remeber to always ask for a PMBuying A 1 Def Acc With 90-99 Mining!!!hi all! i am very, veryyyyy intersted in buying an account with 99 mining and 1 def, im hoping its a good pure , just pleaseeee PM me if you have an account like that for sale, we can work out a very good deal! thanks guys!!Selling Almost Maxed Initiate Pure|99Str|99Mage|83Dung|RuneGloves|Firecape|Slaye rhel ( 1 2)Hey Guys, selling my initiate pure with 83 dung. Will be accepting rsgp and rsgp only no swaps sorry. Post here b4 you hit up my add my - [email protected] A/W = 100m - Noticeable Skills - 99 Str 99 Mage 20 def 83 dung 88 range - Noticeable Items - Fire Cape Rune Gloves Mith Defenders Slayer Helm Arcane Stream - Noticeable quests - Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Recruitment Drive Rfd - Rune Gloves Smoking Kills Horror from the deep Elemental Workshop II Uploaded with[rsgp][pp] 81 Zerker! 99 Hunter! [rsgp][pp]sythe/showthread.php?t=1110872 i can't figure out why its not letting me bump it... but heres the link
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