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    Level 60 Hybrid l 91 Hunter lHey sythe. I'm here to sell my pure, RSGP only. I'm the original owner, and will supply all information. The A/W is 30m. [email protected] Note: Scammers, Don't even waste your time. I'm not stupid. 5 Vouches in my vouch thread. Bank will include around 1m:One Defence Pure For Sell [63]i Don't use this account nomore so i'm selling I'm hopeing to get around 10-15m for the account . But i'll accept certain offers>>~>~61 Cb|99 Mining|99 Magic|starter Pure|IMG][SWAP] Buying A Good Starter Pure. [SWAP]Looking to swap my Level 91 Rapier pure with 96 Str, 90 Range, 1 Def, 91 Hp, 96 Mage, 80 Att. Looking to swap it for a good starter pure with no excess combat stats. [Do not want one with prayer or def or summoning leveled]. PM Me For more details or . Trade Info: Going First to Someone with the following: 30+ Good Vouches. And 200+ Posts. If you do not meet the requirements I will do judging if Ill trade with you. If you do not have the requirements: NOT NEGOTIATIONG ON WHO IS GOING FIRST. I will not even let you go first considering you may recover. Not trading if NOT Trusted. PERIOD. PM Or Post Offers.Selling and Bunne Ears Account! [RSGP]Hi everyone, looking to sell this and bunny ears account. it is my account and i have all info for it. looking for rsgp only, please post an offer and add my ! [email protected] Stats: Holiday Items: combat:Amazing Rapier Staker! 99 attack! 97 str! 70 def! 1 Summoning/prayer![RSGP]Hi sythe, today im looking to get rid of my staking account that ive been working on since free trade/staking came back. I started working on getting a rapier for it but eventually got too bored and gave up. If you are interested please add my so we can discuss prices. [email protected] Stats: Combat:need an accountNeed a 99 mining, 99 smithing, 99 woodcutting, and 99 fletching account, combat level doesn't matter to me. Can not have recoveries and I require all membership information. Will not be going first to new members, POST HERE with a price / offer. Do not contact me on without posting here firstSelling Beast of a starter main l 99 hunt l 96theiv l 57summoning 64rc!Ran out of members don't want this no more, selling it cheap please post bids here. All info will be given - OMM/MM can be used - Only RSGP - A/W = 20m
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