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    [buying] fully quested pure (ADDY/MITH : DT : MM)I honestly don't care about the stats, but it does need to meet these REQS: be the original owner of the account 60 attack 1 defence 55 magic 60 range NO HIGHER than 31 prayer must have: mith/addy gloves Monkey Madness completed Desert Treasure completed must NOT have: recovery questions registered email Those are the only reqs, i could care less if it was somehow 1 strength with the quests done. HOW WILL WE TRADE? We will of course be using an OMM or trusted MM and i will glady pay for the fee. We WILL be doing a recovery test, so if you're going to even attempt to scam me, don't bother. HOW WILL I PAY? At this time i will only be paying in RSGP, and the price will be negotiated over . Hope to hear from you, post here as i will be gone for a few hours after posting this but will be back on later tonight for quite a while. my is [email protected] o0 n62a6e.jpg Only taking RSGP! Im selling the acc with MONEY ON IT! If u wanna talk or something add me at my [email protected] __________________ Vouch Thread: sythe/showthread.php?p=8109410#post8109410Selling level 73 box stakerlevel 73 Box staker, won me millions! (never had recovies or email etc) Current bid - Post here your offers RSGP or Paypal>>Selling Level 70 Tanker PureW: 8M RSGPswapping 2 level 130's for a pure.(swap)(gp) ( 1 2)I have payed for the omm already, you will not go first plain and simple if its a swap we will use the omm no matter what although I will be willing to pay for another one if you do not trust the OMM I payed for and under no circumstances will we use your OMM if he does not pm me.[RSGP] 99 Ranged AGS Pure!!! [RSGP] A/W - 75m RSGP We will be using an official for this trade as I'm new to this site, and the fees will be coming out of the amount paid for the account. The account has no recoveries/email on it. The account is also currently around halfway through desert treasure, has no rfd gloves, and has mm/hftd/lost city etc. done. There's probably another 1m or 2m worth of random items in the bank. Feel free to contact me on with queries/offers, but please post on this thread before adding me - [email protected] level 73 1 def pure with 99 mage {rsgp}hi im selling my pure because im bored of him and making a new account. a new work in progress. i have recovs as of right now till i find a real buyer then iwill take off stats and bank wealth: well thats my account happy biding post s and offers and ill add u thanks. is [email protected]
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