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    [paypal][trade]wtt/wts Rune Pure(99agility,str,mage,range)[trading][paypal]Andy's Rune Pure For Sale Looking for $80 Or a 130+ Combat (trade) Or a 85+ dung account (trade) If your interested in this account or want more informations please reply to this thread or contact me on: [email protected] Or text/ring me on: 07796984710 -AndySelling a few accounts!!Hey guys I am selling these few accounts that i had for some time now, I play on my main now so i don't need these. NO SCAM I PROMISE. Level 54 pure:40atck,71str,2def, and 59 almost 60 mage. $25 level 40 pure:20atck,63str,1def,50range, 55mage, $15 I Will accept paypal only contact me through email please if interested [email protected][100 Vouches] Selling DDS Staker ~Hardz's DDS Staker Picture tells the story. Add me on [email protected] - To discuss - Remember to ask me for the staking video, of which this account is in. Vouches:sythe/showthread.php?t=884915 (All vouches gotten from pin sales - Proof in my threads.) CURRENT BID: 55m (no A/W - RSGP ONLY)[RSGP] Zerker - 99 Magic - 95 Strength - Quested - More!Selling my zerker for rsgp. I might take swaps if the offer is good but i'm mainly looking for a range tank or 80+ dung account. Important Quests - Monkey Madness, Desert treasure, Fremmy trials, Lunar Diplomacy, Dragon Slayer, RFD (to addy), & more! AUTOWIN: 50M : [email protected] Stats Login BlackmarksSelling *Maxed* Range Tank~~~Stats: 61 attack 85 strength 99 range 99 Mage 79 HP 52 Prayer 80 Defence 94 Combat Quests: All quests for range tank Also completed: desert treasure(barrage), forgiveness of a chaos dwarf(hand-cannon), Lunar Diplomacy(Venge) Has 10M+ Bank with ahrims,master wand, mage book etc. So basically Im looking to sell this accout which Ive put so much time, effort and money into. My plan is to use the money I get from this account sale, and buy RSGOLD , enough for 95 Prayer(turmoil) and use it on a new account. I just cant make this account a main from range tnka becaue I wont have the guts to(i love range tanks "/) so id much rather let another person enjoy it. Since I need over $100+ for 100M and turmoil, the A/W will be about $200, buy I will be happy with any bid over $100 Im new to Sythe, and no i wont be going first, Im reeally looking for a trustworthy trader whohas vouches. P.S I will put up pics of bank/ stats etc if asked, (given I find out how to :S) Happy bidding![RSGP] 99 Range/Mage/Str DT [BEAST][RSGP]This pure is nasty, it's 99 str 99 range 99 mage. 94 hp, 8k to 95. This is the sickest pure you will see on this site. I am open for offers; PM me or post your and offer here. Stats; Really good? Must I say more, pictures speak a thousand words.. Quests; DT, 7/8 Recipie for Disaster miniquests. (Dragon gloves). Monkey madness ofcourse. Recipe quests. OPEN FOR OFFERS!!Trading 4 Main.wrong section sorry.lvl 95 maxed 78 def tank sale[RSGP]Moved to account 60-99 character thread
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