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    {RSGP} Awareness Account sales :)Hello there ! welcome to ym account sales thread! both my accounts have recoveries and an email on them, but i will remove them both when i find someone who isn't trying to scam me my rules: Will not go first. Am open to doing 50/50 Am open to trading with a free trusted MM or an OMM whichever you can find. RSGP ONLY Account 1. Zerker pure 86 combat. has got dragon gloves, done smoking kills , money madness ect. Account 2. 112/122 main 2000+ total has a pretty cool ingame name[Rsgp][Swaps]/Selling 60 att pure90str/1def52pray/88magic59dungeoneering!!/[Rsgp] ( 1 2)My is [email protected] I am the real owner of this account edit: 91 str n 66 dungeoneering now! and 180k left untill 88 magic Also no blackmarks!! NO A/W SET: I am mainly looking for RSGP. but i accept swaps too [Must be a good swap though] My terms of agreements are: I will not go first. You go first. Or we use MMLevel 64 Range-Mauler 89 Range [RSGP CHEAP]Hello sythe i'm selling my range pure which i have had for a while, i am getting sick of it so i want some rsgp to start a f2p pure. I have honestly NO IDEA how much its worth but you can judge - If you wish to trade me add [email protected] I WILL GO FIRST TO TRUSTED SYTHERS, IF NOT I'M MORE THAN HAPPY TO USE AN OMM. Thankss![PAYPAL] BUYING 99str & rng pure [$75 - 150]Hey there sythe. I am looking to buy from a trusted member please! I want to buy a 99str and range pure preferably quested with 10M+ cash. Prayer 1-31 (preferably 1) attack 75 (ags) 60 or 50 doesn't really matter to me. The more wealth the more I pay I can pay up to $150 if the account is worth it. I WILL ONLY GO FIRST TO TRUSTED MEMBERS WITH 20+ VOUCHES thank you! PM ME BEFORE YOU ADD MY [email protected][Selling] lv 99 75 def and atk 92 str [RSGP]Hey everyone i am selling one of my many mains This account is one of my oldest ones. I will not go first unless you a trusted. A/w is 50m You can start of the bid at what ever price you want! Stats Bank Log In Goodluck : [email protected][PP/RSGP] Selling Level 90 Berserker Pure! 70-91-45. Barrow Gloves, Torso, Full Void! ( 1 2)Selling this pure as I dont play runescape anymore. The account has barrow gloves, with all main quests done including Desert Treasure and Lunar Diplomacy. Full Void Range Magic & Melee. I will sell this account for Runescape GP or Paypal ONLY. We Will use an Official or a Trusted ONLY. If you are interested in the account please add my : [email protected] Thanks alot.Selling level 86 zerker good starter ( rsgp)DeleteSelling lvl 95/102 zerker pure[korasi's sword]Hey, Selling my 95/102 zerker pure I will NOT go first say what you want, i rather use a OMM/MM in ur fee's. Just because im new to this site doesn't mean that i scam! The defence is quested. It has barrow gloves, korasi's sword, full void knight elite armour(ranger helm melee helm) and salve amulet on it. It got lunar diplomacy and desert treasure done aswell. Varrock easy task is done so you can use edgeville furnance. it sas it got email and recovery's, i will delete/give (up to you) the recovery's and the email will be deleted when i find a serious buyer No black marks is listed on the account. I got some new stats on the account: currently 51 dungeoneering, 91 crafting and im working on runcrafting aswell lvl 82 runecrafting atm and making like 300k an hour while running natures and can get even more with blood runes/death runes. will post progress everyday until i got an offer that im pleased with. Here's some pics. Need any more info add me on my [email protected] Need serious offers, no scammers! Lets start the offering!
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