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    Selling Four Accounts Super Cheap! [rsgp] [swaps]sythe/showthread.php?t=1257411 Recovery questions. accounts: This Range tank is very good for pking. Combat: 65 Stat's: Attack: 50 Strength:53 Ranged:70 Defence:40 prayer:44 This is my obby maul tank, also good for pking. Combat: 47 Strength:67 Defence:40 Attack:5 Range/Mage:41 Constitution:57 This account was being transformed into a whip pure, but i quit on it. has good potential. Future iniatiate pure. Combat: 66 Attack: 65 Strength:61 Prayer: 43 Defence: 10 And last but not least, this is a level 84 main account who has 85 woodcutting, a torso, and dragon defenders. and much more! Combat: 84 I will only post pictures if somebody is seriously interested. i will sell all 4 of these wonderful accounts for 20m.[RSGP] Buying Gmaul Rusher![RSGP]Hi im looking to buy a gmaul rusher with 82+ mage, 80+ str and has dt done, low hp and combat lvl prefered! Post pics here and post 's. my : [email protected]=[ Godly Zerker, None Better ]=-Rules of Trade I will not Go first unless very trusted in my eyes I will use mm or omm (prefer a good mm cause there free and helps them out) Do not request a swap will just be ignored Lookng for rsgp Only *OR* MoneyPak _____________________________________ Starting Bid:180m (gold4rs offered 90$) Current Bid: 0m A/W: 250m Heres the good Stuff! is: [email protected] Ive looked through some other acc selling threads I think i did it right but if i missed anything please tell me and ill fix as soon as possible thanks=)[rsgp] cb 97+sum - 1862 ttl - 69 dung w/ RAPIER! - got rolled twiceHi sythe, this was my main acc, which i botted a fair bit on. After getting rolled the first time i botted most skills back but was rolled again. The unique thing about this account is it can still wield and use rapier as per normal. Rapier still has a bit of charge left (cant remem exactly how much, half?), not sure what happens when you need to recharge. But anyway i have now started a new legit account and dont use this anymore after being rolled twice. I was never one for PVP but my mate nearly jizzed when i said i can still use rapier, he used it til mems ran out and made 50 odd mil doing small whip stakes. Still has recoveries set and an email, can cancel if you want, but i wont be trying to take this account back. (no cash and no mems on the acc) Just want rsgp but may take paypal. Make me some offers. I will not be going first. Legit sale, will use OMM if you pay. pics: See RAPIER and 99 capes.Selling Level 84 Main Account!! With 85 woodcutting, a Torso, Dragon defender!Has torso, dragon defender, 85 woodcutting, +more! sythe/showthread.php?t=1257411 p>
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