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    86 combat with 99 magic and fishing, good offer.I have an account named soul locc that i am selling for 20m rsgp, i will trade you the recovery questions and switch the email registration to be yours upon payment, let me know if interested Desert treasure and a number of other quests are finished as well.Selling level 99 tank [99 range, 88 def]I'm only accepting RSGP. Autowin is 40m. If I'm offline, post here and then PM me on Sythe. Vouches sythe/showthread.php?p=8280009#post8280009lvl 60 with 85 str for sale :)OK, im selling my pure for either rsgp or swap ) aint got a good bank so didnt bother taking pics of it is lvl 60 combat and still got about 28 days membership left (3/6/2011) Uploaded with ImageShack.uslvl 95+7 tanker with 99 range 71 def 30mBy null selling it for 30m.Selling Level 76 with 1 defence 99 range 95 magic and more *PAYPAL ONLY*Im done playing this game so im selling my level 76 with 99 range 95 magic 85 str 85 hp This account is currently ranged based needs 4more str levels to be melee based (Read Entire Post) THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION IM SELLING THIS ACCOUNT FOR $90.00 Do not post if you dont want to buy or you will be reported as spam Contact- [email protected] *has full zammy book, dt done, mm done,regicide done, rolving eyes done, addy gloves and accumulator* *No recoveries* *No email set* *in the last picture those are the items that come with the account*[swap][paypal] Zerker 99 strength, 99 thieving. ( 1 2)Selling my unfinished zerker. Cash only. Looking for a clean 100-130$. The account has no black marks, no offenses nothing in that department, has 18 membership days left, and you're able to get the rest of your defense EXP from ALL the quests( all of the defense is quested, so its a perfect zerker for whoever wants to finish it). It's 41 defense btw, it's unfinished because I'm not in the mood to do all those damn quests for it. If we are swapping you will GO first, account must have no black marks, no offenses, no recoverys and NO email. Ingame name is very nice.Selling tank in progressSelling this low level tank - attack, strength, and defence are all good levels just needs higher range and it could be a very good account. Post here to offer, not looking for much, prefer rsgp and will use but you must find one[RSGPONLY] Tank Ranger 94 Magic, 90 Range, DT/LD DONE! Brawlers!PLATYPI HERE SELLING A FANTASTIC TANK RANGER! - I do not accept paypal or Swaps! - I will not under any circumstance go first to you - Official Middle Man will be used (Or highly trusted Free Middle Man) I will not pay fees - I will provide all account details - A/W is 30Mil RSGP E-mail will be removed upon purchase. Fantastic Stats, I have pked so much profit with this account! Wealth in bank is basically nothing, but Brawlers will help you tons in skilling Desert Treasure Done! Lunar Diplomacy Done! EDIT: Agh I thought I was in the other section, mods please move! EDIT 2: Recoveries now removed! : [email protected]
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