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    maxed range tank 1 month memb 64 dunyup, 99 range, 99 mage, 93 hp, 73 def, 64 dung, lunar dt, u name it how much for this epic tank? 20m is an autowin, we will use an omm ofc or u go first!Selling Level 82 ZerkerA/W 25M Trying to sell soon has membership no recoveries. is in sig Only notable quests are Monkey Madness has addy defender too.Selling AMAZING 93 [RSGP]I am the original owner A/W-45M(RSGP) Selling starter barrows hybrid, Void, D Def (RSGP)Whats up sythe, its that rs guy bringing you guys another awesome account. This account is RSGP only. A/W is 30M, Pm me if your interested The Bank. Combat Lvl Quests (MM Done, Most Dt Reqs Done, 2 Parts of RFD Done) The StatsBuying Acc with Temple at Senntisten done 28 Def Min otherwise 30 with Nature SpiritMust be 30 Def + Have Rune Gloves. Must be trusted. OMM will be used with Split Fees + Recovery Test. My offer will vary depending on the account. I will not buy E-Mail login accounts. Any Spam will be reported, if you aren't selling me anything, don't post. If you have a good offer post here before inboxing me your e-mail. Would be preferred if it had Turmoil already.Selling Perfect Starter F2p Main Combat Based(RSGP)s1223.photobucket/albums/...aystarter1.jpg s1223.photobucket/albums/...kaystarter.jpg Add me :R4ing3rSelling Lvl 64 Pure Account (84 Range) is in sig. WILL NOT GO 1st I have all the original info/am the original owner.Has Black Gloves ! A/w=30MHUGE account sale! [RSGP/Paypal]Contact me on if you're interested in any of these accounts. ALWAYS ask for a PM. The ONLY account I use for is [email protected] I'm not looking for much for most of these accounts, but I'd rather accept RSGP to avoid the hassle of having to get Paypal, then buy RSGP. Please use this format when posting which account you are interested in. Account number: Amount offered: : Account 1: Account 2: Account 3: Account 4: Account 5: Account 6: Account 7: Again, feel free to contact me on my . - [email protected]
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