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    [PAYPAL/RSGP]Selling a Str/Range pure!!4def!![HOT PKER ACCOUNT!!!]Hey guys, i'm gonna keep this short and sweet, i would like to sell my pure here, it's a Range/Str pure, got me load of kills before, really fun PKer account, Stats are below, not really a good money-maker machine unless you're gonna do PvP. I've done lost City and Animal Magnetism. the account is pretty sick if you do Range/Claws combo, i did darts/Claws, Bolts/Claws, Knives/Cbow, Knives/Dbow , you have a lot of options with this account! the 4 def was a very big accident, when i wanted to use my zeals on HP i accidently used them on def which thankfully got my def to 4 and not anything higher. We will be using a VMM/OMM or whatever the hell they're called these days.. if there is fees you will be paying them. Accepting Paypal money or RSGP ONLY! MY ONLY : [email protected] Login screen : Stats Screen : Quests Screen : Wealth Screen : Black Marks screen : A/W : 40$ RSGP : 80m Post below your Email and your offer please.lvl 93 main 80 dung :D 15-20m rsgp-colossal arm- only asking 15-20m for the account thanks pm me in game if interested. rsn:[aaa aaa aa] stats- attack-80 strength-88 defence-50 constition-81 magic-94 prayer-52 range-43 dungeoneering-80 summoning-1 quest- cooks assistant dragon slayer goblin diplomacy restless ghost unstable foundations vampire slayer death plateau desert treasure druidic ritual dwarf cannon fishing contest gertrudes cat the grand tree horror from deep lost city monkey madness nature spirit preist in peril recipe for diaster -dwarf/ wartdace& bentnose/ pirate pete temple of ikov the tourist trap tree gnome village waterfall quest images at: i53.tinypic/339jdlh.png60 Attack 99 Strength 99 Range Pure ( 1 2)Selling this ownage initiate pure Tbh i dont know how to remove the recoveries but i will be providing all the information. We can also have a recovery test if needed. Payment Methods: Paypal , Western Union or RSGP Starting Bid: $5 or 10m rsgp Autowin: N/A I will be using a OMM otherwise i will not be going 1st If interested post here or add my [email protected] Pure! 99 99 99 99 Chaotic Rapier 14MCASH Low Combat!Selling Maxed Zerker Pker / Staker! Account has No Recoverys or email. Account Has a 14m bank Account has 111 Quest points. Accepting mainly cash but i can also accept rsgp at ratio (.5/m) NO SWAPS!! All account information will be given upon purchase. Will not be going 1st unless your HIGHLY trusted otherwise we will be using a OMM. Start Bid: $15 / 30m Auto: Not Set Looking to purchase? then post here or add my [email protected]**** 60 att PURE- CHEAP- 15m A/WI WILL SELL THIS FOR 10M TODAY!!!!!! DESPERATE FOR MONEY!! NO LESS!!! [email protected] selling a cheap pure. have been trying to sell this one for a lot more then it's worth. i will take 15m from it. add my , [email protected] also comment on this thread. you will go first, only asking 15m. only selling because i am working on making a granite mauler. was a great account to pk on. bank worth less then 1m atm.Lvl 93 42def prod $rsgp$Bank-600kish Stats-96str, 73attk, 86range, 87hp, 93mage, 52hp, 99hunt. Quest-mm, dt ect. Offers start. Get a hold of me ingame Think Pony, [email protected], or sythe pmPRO Runescape Merchanting Guide [8-27-2011] [200M+/perWEEK]PRO Runescape Merchanting Guide [8-27-2011] [200M+/perWEEK] youtube/watch?v=k3l7VVtQVRE Views: 28,384 Likes:1,349 Dislikes: 52 Merching Guide -- August 2011: DOWNLOAD: mediafire/?t8no8abjol7l9cs (Has items to merch listed on download) Scan the file if you want for virusesLevel 92 - 20m+ Items + FULL VOIDIm looking for offers such as soul split cash, or items. If you have other offer let me know!
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