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    2.3k Zeal Mule | All stats 1 | 30 Days MembershipSold!Trading 99 Strength G Mauler For A Skiller [5 Vouches] [Swapping]I am looking to swap this account for a skiller, must be lvl 3 combat. There aren't any recovs, emails etc. If you're interested please post your offers below. We will use an OMM and split the fees 50/50 if there are any. If you want any more info just PM me, I sold my other account to BhrReplay and he's had no problems since the trade.Buying Zeal Account (threw Pa)Buying Zeal Account From 1000-2000zeals! 50-75$ Please Leave Your Or Threads Of Account! Thanks Much![RSGP] Combat 75 | 91 RUNECRAFTING | 96 Fishing | 1350+ Total | Lots of QP's [RSGP]Hi there! I'm selling this account that I've had for quite some time. I am the original owner. I had a lot of fun building this account, as I am very passionate about runecrafting (fav skill). Although runecrafting isnt even worth doing these days for money, it just sux >.< ONLY TAKING RSGP! Notable Items: -Ardy Cloak 2: ZMI runs, Farm patch tele -Ectophial Tele: Farm runs -Magic Secateurs: More herbs picked per patch -Omni Tiara -Lunar magiks and clothes at 75 cmbWTB gmauler or DT mage pureNevermind.54 cb 99 hunter 83 mining for sale.I'm looking to trade this account for GP. Due to me being new I am willing to take the risk, and to a trusted member I will go first. Let me know what you think the account is worth and we'll negotiate. Thank you.SELLING 49!! [email protected]@[email protected]! 72 range 94 wood cut!!looking for rsgp[EXTREMELY CHEAP]: Selling Rare Account - "Jacob" [$10 USD or 25M RSGP]Selling a Combat level 3 named "Jacob". Original Log in username and Character's display user. Price - $10.00 USD or 25M RuneScape Gold coins RIGHT NOW. Contact me @: Code: [email protected] Enipeus,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.