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    [Mod][600+ Vouches] ◘◘ Simply Pures & Skillers ◘◘ [#1 Account Shop][350+ Sold] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Selling Level 3 Skiller | 4x 99's | 1x 96 | NO Blk MarksHello ! Staked my mains bank, and won! but then as always got too greedy and lost. But anyway, looking for RSGP. The pictures are old because i went to sell before but decided to keep it, and then i lost my bank so decided to sell it now! The Skiller hasn't got many levels, but the ones it has got are well leveled! good mid starter account. And just paid for membership again so you will get this account with membership on it! account also has a pretty good name, not "rare" at all, but the name makes sense and no numbers spaces w.e can pm the name! BANK IS WORTHLESS just random junk!! I created this account, never had a registered email and never had a bank pin, i have the account info to the date and time it was made! Current Bid = 20m Indie Go Looking forward to your offers! thanks! I will arrange OMM or if your trusted with high vouches ill go first.[WTS] 41 mage pure, 10 hp, 22 cmb + 10m cashPrice = 10m rsgp Screenshots Contact : [email protected] : salvatore.scuderi95Selling Lvl 32 With 99 Wc!Ill sell for 10m in Runescape Gold! Add Optic RebWhat to look out for when buying and selling accounts.Hey guys, I had a guy email me about an account I was selling and there were just so many things that this guy said and did that triggered "SCAMMER ALERT" that I had to share it and let it be as a warning to some of you people out there who are selling/buying accounts for your first time or your first couple times. (1) First off, this guy emailed me saying he was very interested in the account I was selling, but couldn't remember what level it was or remember any details about it. I wonder why right? WELL It's because he emailed me along with FOUR other guys (See picture 1). Picture 1: Right away when you see this you should be a little bit cautious when trading this individual, because he seems pretty desperate to get his hands on an account. If you look at what he wrote you can even see he starts out with a sob story about how he lost all this money buying other accounts and doesn't want to go first. Now I understand that people scam out there and sometimes we end up losing a lot because of it, but it's this next picture that says this guy is just a plain scammer who wants to sucker you out of your money with his sad stories and poor sense of trust (See picture 2). Picture 2: Now here he is even refusing a . He is very persistent and really wants to be on that account first. He claimed many times that a isn't trustworthy enough because they can "be just anybody". I suggested an official and he STILL was very reluctant. This is the final signal that you should see. This is when you just pack it up and go home. Also, when ANYBODY refuses to pm you to verify they are who they are, you should automatically end the trade with this person because if anything were to happen during this trade, you would not be able to link this person's email to their account, because you wouldn't be able to prove they are related. ALWAYS TAKE SCREENIES THEY ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND! Some examples of excuses people will use to get out of pming you or posting on your thread to verify it's them include: "I don't feel like logging back on now", "I'm at a friend's/family member's house and I forgot my login information", and of course "I'm talking to you now though, you can just check this link to my public profile page" (anyone can link you to anyone's profile so DON'T BELIEVE IT!). When you are sure about this person being a complete fraud just go ahead and say what you'd like to them. I recommend being as calm and collected about it as possible. Makes you look like the better person and might catch them off-guard (See picture 3). Picture 3: As you see from this picture, he logged out without responding to it because he had been discovered for what he truly was and realized he was not going to be profiting from another poor soul today. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this and I hope this can help some of you be on the lookout in future trades. Happy Posting ~~ - Julian!!?wtb Mage PureIm wanting to buy a mage pure, I will pay RSGP or paypal pm me or reply below thanks.Selling Obby Mauler [82str][rsgp][pp]SELLING A OBBY MAULER WITH MEMS TILL DEC 26. THIS ACCOUNT IS ORIGINALLY OWNED BY ME AND NOBODY ELSE. LOOKING FOR 15M-20M OR 15$ PAYPAL [VERIFIED] WILL GO FIRST TO TRUSTED MEMBERS. IF NOT ID PREFER USING A MM A/W 25M PICSSelling CB54 1 Def Pure w/99 Minning & Duellist Cap 6 [PP/Swap]Welcome to my Account Shop! Please Read: The account has Recovery Questions, but i will give them to you when you purchase the account. I will not go first unless you are a Trusted member. Must use MM. For Swaps, i ONLY want a defence pure or a 10hp pure. Account comes with: -1 Month Membership! -Duellist Cap (Tier 6) which required 5000 wins at duel arena -37M Total Exp -No bank PIN -Green Zone -99 Minning & 99 Firemaking. ALMOST 99 Cooking The Account DOES NOT come with Dragon Claws, unless you pay extra. Skills: Login: PP A/W: $45 RSGP A/W: N/A Offers?
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