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    [Selling]Combat 60 - Decent Stats - Highest Bidder - Bidding Ends Midnight (CST)The acc has an email, and no recovs. The email will be changed once the acc is purchased. The bank has almost nothing. (Does have a drudic mage hood 100) The acc has no offences (has a chance of pmod) Bidding ends @ 12:01 (Midnight) (CST) For any questions post them here or PM me.Looking to get scammed ( 1 2)Hey guys i jsut lost chaotic maul when i jumped in wild and was arrangign my pots and forgot the protect item so yea i wanna get scammed thankz EDIT i am looking to get scammed via paypalLevel 92 Berserker for Sell.Hello! I quit playing on this account some time ago and i decided i could use some cash on my pure. So I'm selling this Berserker. Username: I Smok3 ( Not Login Name ) (Does not have membership) Price: 120M RSGP O.B.O. It does have a Recovery Email and Recovery Questions Pending. But if someone is interested i will remove. Pics: Post here if interested or add me on XBL - Ui Clam Bake Thanks.Great pure for sale or RSGP Swap60 Attack 80 Strengh (i think it still has 100 zeal but dont quote me on that) 99 Magic 99 Range 1 Defence 1 Prayer s1191.photobucket/albums/...current=gf.jpg[RSGP] Selling maxed 60 attack pure l FC l Arcane stream l addy gloves l RC robesHey Sythe, Trying to sell my maxed 60 attack pure. This account is 78+10 combat. It has EVERY pure quest finished and even has an arcane stream. It has a fire cape, ava's, climbers, RC robes, addy gloves, and more. It also has a total of 5 99's, I would like to sell this account ASAP because i'm trying to max my main and i need money for con, herb, smithing, etc. I will not do swaps and i will only take RSGP. Please leave a comment below with an offer or feel free to PM me. No A/W is currently set.selling rs account 92 combathes 91 str 41 def has venge 1477 total level name is unfoundreign look him up reply if interestedSelling 1 Def Pure | 99 mage | Quests doneACCOUNT SOLD[SELLING][RSGP] 91 Range pure 61 Combat ! [RSGP][SELLING]Hello. I am selling my 61 combat Range pure i do not need it for anything. It's really only have range witch is good, Anything can be done with it. Doesn't have much bank. Also HAS NO BANK PIN. SOLD Only accepting RSGP. As you can see it has recoveries set. But answers will be given upon purchase. Also a OMM can test this out if they feel like it would be safer. Feel free to drop a pm
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