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    Selling Cheap Level 56 Pure {RSGP} {TRUSTED}Hey Im selling my pure that got ruined because of (2) defence =. Only asking for RSGP and there is not autowin im just taking offers. NOTE: The account has recoverys but I cannot remove them some how it just resets them. I have the correct recoverys that I will provide. I sold my main account with recoverys to "Karvinator" and went smooth. Ask the guy if you think im scamming. Thanks guys taking all [email protected] Pure Starter [RSGP]Selling this maul pure with quested attack. combat level 58.RSGP onlyNever been botted all hand made Not worth posting the bank picture as it only has some junk in it. Bid[RSGP]Lv 51 Tank/HC 40def/61ran/62mag 99mining 94fm 60 herb and more! [22m wealth] ( 1 2 3)Well, i used to play runescape and be a trusted VMM on Powerbot but i quitted a few months ago. I came back and im willing to sell this amazing starting tanker as i want to progress with my current Lv 3 skiller. So i'm looking for RSGP. I could also transfer the money on this account to my skiller and just sell the tanker if anyone wants that. I'm not sure if i can delete the email, as i've not been on RS for quite a while, but i remember which one it's Highlights • Four letters Login name, it could actually make some sense, no numbers (different display name, nothing special) • 99 mining, 94 FMing, so you can have your trimmed cape =) 400k off 95 • I have ALL the info, including the PIN numbers i used, date of creation, ZIP, email, ISP, IP if needed, previous passwords, etc... • Only Druidic Ritual and Dwarf Cannon completed, as well as some F2p quests. • Haven't been botted in ALOT of time, 100% BAN FREE My Rules • I'll go first to TRUSTED members, having an high post count is NOT being trusted. • We'll be using a Free MM, or a paid MM/OMM at your expense, you choose. The Account Login Stats Wealth Offences S/B: Not set A/W: Not set POST HERE YOUR EMAIL AND/OR OFFER!WTB 2k+ Zeal Account!HELLOOO, buying 2k+ zeal account only from a trusted member. Post an offer if you have one .{RSGP} Selling lvl 9 with 99 wc {RSGP}Hello Everyone! ^-^~ I am fairly new to , so I have no vouches. Anyways, I'm here today to sell you an account. The account is a lvl 9 skiller. It has 99 Woodcutting, and 58 fishing I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU HAVE 50+ VOUCHES Either you go first, or we use an OMM/MM (Fees on you) • I am the original owner of this account I am taking RSGP only Pics Of The Account Post offers below or add me @ [email protected] Mage pureTaking RSGP 40-45m. Gold4RS offered me $30, so that is an option, but I would like the money now. Contact me on . trevor.stoneeeBuying 99 mage 10 hp accounttrading level 112 with 99 str 99 hunter 70 prayer, classic and vet cape, for a 99 mage 10 hp account,Buying 2000+ Zeal AccountBuying from a trusted member only, paying in rsgp. May only have Strength or Constitution exp.
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