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    Skiller. MiningThis runescape account has 46 Mining. It is capable of using Adamantite picks. Being a miner this one can rake in LOOADS of money. (Note... I am leveling mining up daily.) If your looking for one to make money off of this is the one. You can make all ur money on here and transfer it to your main! ORRR you can make a skiller your main and make profits as huge as a mil in a few days! ADD Negan.Jenkins on Post offers below or ^[Cheap] F2p pure [ rsgp ]Sold. I have 1 more with 67 hp cmb 52 68 range 70 str 40 atk 27 magic add me on . [email protected][EPIC][Usa] 99 Summoning Tank [Famous][Rare Name] ( 1 2)This is one of the epic accounts of my collection of accounts i've made over the years that I spent involved in this game. All of my accounts are rare/unique/original and I am the original owner/creator of them. This was a 4 month project which cost me over 400M in runes/shards/secondaries/other supplies to create not to mention my time. I have an attachment to this account but have little desire to play this game anymore and find myself logging in less and less so i'd rather find an interested buyer who can put it to good use and rule the wild Stats: Combat Level: Equipment: Bank: Login: I am accepting... Western Union, MAIL payments, Money gram, Bank wire, and RS GP Valued @ Market price. NOTHING ELSE. Leading Offer: $250 A/W: $700 Post offers or contact information only (or PM it to me), I am not interested in what you have to say about my account all posts not pertaining to a potential sale will be reported and user infracted thanks![RSGP] selling starter f2p str pureselling level 51 with 70 strength and 40 attack . you name the price and i will sell for cheap. pm/reply if interested. Stats: ://s1105.photobucket/albums/...urrent=rs2.png Log in: ://s1105.photobucket/albums/ RS Acc [RARE NAME]Okay hey guys I just got recently hacked and need to sell my one and only acc that has a month of memb on it. has enough runes for 1-55 A/W $20.00 USD or 40m[RSGP]99 Fishing Accounts[RSGP]Hello, i have 3 99 fishing accounts for sale, great for LRC or monkfish! Pm me your or post it here. I won't trade without a PM! RSGP only. When buying one of my accounts, you get all of the following: Month the account was created State I live in and ISP used to create the account User name and password(s) used on the account No email or recoveries set, email login. A/W = 7 ML , bid away! Quote: Originally Posted by sdi he sold me a lvl 99 fishing for only 5m and he was fast and understanding with i sould take some time to see prove for not bein scam (hes Legit) great guy Big Vouch for Him SOLD OUT!Buying Obby Maul Pure [RSGP ONLY]Hey guys I am buying a Obby Maul pure, so 1 att def and prayer with 80+str....i have up to 80m to pay for it but might go higher depending on other stats. Also prefer no email registered and recovs I will not go first unless your HIGHLY TRUSTED, if your not you go first or we use an OMM and YOU pay the fees, not me YOU! Post your accs herei'm wanting a gmauler with ancients!hi im wanting a gmauler with desert treasure completed, im willing to swap my level 111 dfs/barrows pure for one, i have the recovery questions wrote down for this account i also have first ever password used, all the payment history etc completely LEGIT, this account has alot of imortant quests like desert treasure, recipe for disaster, monkey madenss etc, im wanting to swap because i dont use this account atall anymore so its pointless it sitting and not getting played! My : [email protected] here are some pics :// :// ://
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