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    2 borrow pures and 1 1def pure.....[RSGP] Amazing Pure - 75 Combat - All Pure quests done [RSGP] ( 1 2)Hi sythe! I am selling my amazing 1 Defence Pure! The autowin is: 79M With the money on it. : [email protected] Click my sig for my vouches. Thanks guys -Flatland![RSGP] Level 95 Skiller/Staker with 10m!Level 95 RS Account For Sale! Okay, so I'm selling this account for RSGP, and I'll think about swaps but I doubt it because it's way too easy to get scammed here. This is a good account with high strength, fletching, and other stats for a level 95. It also has Monkey Madness, Hero's Quest, Lost City, and MOST Free Quests done. No real set price, offer good and PM for other details. I will NOT go first ever, you pay for trusted OMM or you go first. I still has about a month of member's left. Offer away![Paypal/RSGP] Selling Multiple Beast Pures | Sick Accounts |Closed.Selling Gmauler [90 Str][67Cb] ( 1 2)Sold to HenryTheDino!Buying acc up too 50Mplease post offersSellin Maxed 25Def/80Att/52Pray/1Sum Pure/Staker(RSGP)If You Would Like To Chat Inbox/Post Your Msm Ill Add You Looking For 100m Rsgp Will Use Omm Ur Expense 114 Quest Points, Rune Gloves, What Lies Below/Would Be 32 Def With Turm, Zerker Ring (i), Bank 3mil Comes With Full Account Details Ofcourse/Decently Rare Name++ Also 1 Summoning Makes This Account A Great StakerPaying 300 Dollars For A Rspure Me First!!or I Get MmHEY IM BUYING A PURE IM JUST TIRED AND IM FINALLY 21 AND I GOT A DECENT JOB $18/H SO YH. I SAID SINCE I GOT A BREAK FOR 1MONTH WHY NOT BUY A ACC AND PK LIKE NO TOMMROW [email protected]
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