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    [RSGP] Level 73 Rune Pure|99 Mining|91 Fishing [RSGP]Hello Sythe! I am looking to sell my level 73 rune pure for rsgp. I need money for my pker and really don't play on this account enough. The account still has 2 months of membership credit on it which was payed for with a UGC card. I am not the original owner but I have had this account for a while now. We will be using an official middle man or you will be going first, not me. The account has no recoveries and only an email registered which will be removed once I find a reasonable buyer. Any other questions please post here or - [email protected] Thank you! Auto win: 150M Now on to the pictures:[swap] Or Rsgp Selling Lvl 63!!89def 70mage Awesome Stakr.WILL ----GO FIRST----FOR ONLY TRUSTED OR ----50/50------ A/W---$50 or 50m Hey guys im selling my staker i decicded to quit everything will be provided to contuie on my mission to make my 137-138 for 95-99pray and 96-99summ well summ is alrdy +12 but i want steel titBuying quested zerker.Hello, I have roughly $40 Paypal to spend on a zerker I will go first if your very trusted, if not we will use a FREE trusted mm, don't tell me * they scam* because they don't there's plenty of free trusted ones. i'm not really fussed about the stats as long as its 45 def At least dragon gloves, if not barrows Dt done Mm done Lunars done Not fussed about the wealth either Post offers. DO NOT POST IF YOU DONT HAVE THE QUESTS DONE.Selling lvl 86 accfacebook/ 68 staker! addy gloves, mm, etc [rsgp] ( 1 2)this is a pretty pro account. i've made my millions and figured that staking is a bit stressful. so, i'm going to let it go today for some rsgp i'll set a/w at 75m gl bidders40att 83str 86range 85mage 1pray 62combat, AWESOME NAME. MUST SEE!Looking for offers atm! my is [email protected][RSGP] 10 Defence | Turmoil | Extremes | Barrows Gloves | 280 QP | 1700+ Total [RSGP] ( 1 2)Decided to finally move on from being a pure and play my old range tank. I desperately need money for Soulsplit and Overloads on that new account so RSGP is pretty much the only option. I will go first to staff members only and possibly those with a large amount of vouches. I do not want ANY swaps or PayPal so please do not offer that. I have over 35 vouches so am fairly trusted and also a 25$ donator. You can find my vouches in my signature =) Starting Bid:150m Autowain: 300m - Features - Firecape Full Void 500 Extremes (All) Turmoil Barrows Gloves Handcannon 280+ QuestPoints 1700+ Total My ONLY : [email protected] 61 Extreme range pure[P2P 20-April ] 87HP/81Ranged | Swaps/PP/RSGP |Hey. This was my staking account ,but made enough with it. I transfered 5M to this acc, when I started it. Now Transfered From this acc to my main 250M. I've won over 240m+ with this account. add my if interested: [email protected] I can show acc in game I go first to trusted. pics:
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