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    Level 67 Chaotic Rapier Pure 1 Def/Pray 300M BankHi Sythe, I have a funded Chaotic Rapier Pure w/ 1 Def and 1 Pray, it also comes with a Full zammy book, Corrupted Vestas Long, Vestas Long w/ Spec, both vestas have been used in one duel they still have full life on them basically, and a Chaotic Rapier. i am currently taking offers and if the price is not right, i will just sell the account without its bank. please post offers here and leave your and i will try my best to get to you. I will use a OMM with this transaction at your fee's, thanks. Login Stats Bank EquipmentSelling Nice Quested Pure Lvl 58!Merkie22 Here Selling A Very Nice Quested Pure 12 Prayer with Monkey Madness and Desert Treasure! Did i mention 99 Fletching and 1k Total Level ! Offers in RSGP ONLY !. WONT GO 1st UNLESS I DEEM YOU AS TRUSTED !Choatic Raiper Pure 4 Def 31 PrayerMy Chaotic Pure Proggie! Thanks To Bots I Have 4 Def , 31 Prayer Was Intentional. Why Am I Selling It? I'm Tired Of Botting Runescape Now, Leaving My Computer On All Day And All Night. Combat Level 83 Lead Bid:??? Auto Win:400M RSGP $200 Cash Money I Bought Upgrade With My CC, Will Provide Necessary Information. Never Set Recovery's/ Email. No Swaps Thanks![rsgp] Cb87, 99 Range, 95 Str, ZERKER ![rspg]Will Only Go FIRST IF YOUR TRUSTED or 20+ Vouches ! Hey guys im selling my Un-Quested Zerker For RSGP ONLY 6.7m Wealth No Recovs or Email. If you cant See that :/ idk why its so small83 tank ranger must seelooking for rsgp this account is flawless has many quests completed such as mm, dt, along with many good stats ect,[Selling] .,o-~ Tanker/Rune Pure/Skiller=ish CHEAP ~-o,. [SELLING]Selling this guy only 15m. So basically only 10m for the stats. He will have all the money no recoveries, and no email. Either you will be going first or we can find a VMM or OMM. You will pay for fees out of your own pocket as this is cheap as it is. Lvl 87 combat. No main quests. Has room for improvement but can go straight to pking once bought.Selling Level 72 Potential ZerkI know I just joined, Forgot my other account name, didnt feel like recovering it. Near Reality is a private server which you can play here.. Check my account on the forum, Kushh. I donated to the server and known around the server. Selling a potential zerker. Very close to being one. Looking for Paypal. Using MM No offences No bankpin No Recoveries/Email Combat level. Skills, I know its nothing special but its on the road. Quests that I've done. RFD only needs 1 more. Ancients/Ava's/Fremennick Trials Finished/Ecophile (How ever you spell it) Bank, Nothing special but has the levels to make money fast (sorta) Post offers here, be reasonable. No offers that are just retarded.Buying a 65cmb pure+ 94 mage 75 range+ 75str+Will pay a good amount, for what the account is worth. NO I DO NOT HAVE I HAVE THIS OR TEXT ME ? ?
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