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    [RSGP/PayPal]93 CB Zerker [Cheap]I'm selling this great zerker for only 15m, I'm not the 1st owner of this account but nobody has played with it since 2007. I know all the info you need when you buy the account, sadly no rfd gloves but has mm, dt, ava's etc. completed. Please post with your when you offer, I will sell for 15m for the first guy to offer that! I can show the acc in game if you want to, I will only go first if your trusted. Acc has recorveries but I will delete them if someone tells me a way to do that. I'm not sure but I guess that the account can get veterans cape if member.selling lv98 pure!!Close thisBUYING PKer, Staker, OR main! for WoWHey guys, im looking for a pretty good Pker/Staker or any sort of account really. im not looking for much, i just want an okay account to start playing runescape on again. IM SWAPPING MY WORLD OF WARCRAFT ACCOUNT FOR A RUNESCAPE ACC, all i have to trade is my WoW account, and about 50k gold on a lvl 3 rs account. So please dont post on here asking for RSGP or Paypal or anything. HERE IS THE WoW ACCOUNT: sythe/showthread.php?t=1116226 : [email protected], 99 Mage, 80 range [QUESTED]Quests completed: Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure, Addy Gloves, 18 def but it could still easily be made a 20-25 def pure. I need rsgp to start a new pure, accounts bank wealth is only about 1.5m. I will delete the recorvery questions and email if someone tells me how to, buyer will get all the info he wants when the account is sold. A/W is 25m rsgp or 30 USD. Account has veteran cape and RSC cape. P2P untill 17th of may. Will post more pictures/show the accounts for true buyer if asked to do so. No swaps.Insane Range Tank for sale very cheap - 99 Range - [RSGP]hey guys, tried selling this loads of times and no luck. im selling it incredibly cheap a/w 10-15m. its done some quests, Book of law and animal mag etc. just sold another account, will get a vouch when users online STATS: ONLY 90 CB! [email protected] for anymore details guys!selling 66 with fcape cheaps1183.photobucket/albums/...view=slideshow willing to let it go cheap only 10-15m rsgp has no email it has recovs but if u feel i am untrustworthy we can use omm and do recov test, either way every bit of original info is provided with this account please tell me how to delete recovs if anyone knows, ive been trying to get it off the account. if any1 is interested let me know, i need the gp bad for new pure and to start a merch. thanks guys hope you enjoy this accountrune pure for sellselling an nice rune pure with 61 att, 86 str, 40 def, 99 hunting and 99 cooking, and done monkey madness and done recipe for disaster till addy gloves. i want rsgp for it, send me a pm if ur interested and what your willing to pay for it[rsgp] cb lvl 67/71rang/71str/83 magic/44pray/dt/lost treasuresold already
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