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    Buying 1 def PureIf you're not trusted, don't even bother commenting here. 20- vouches and I won't even consider you.S> Lvl 94 /w 70 def & 1391 total for 5M [RSGP]: [email protected] A/W 5M[RSGP]Selling zerker pure-94 mage/91 range/87 strength/torso/rune gloves/venganceSelling this half decent zerker pure. Has torso. Not a very good bank, but has damn good pk stats. Reason I'm selling this is because it's been collecting dust for a while now so I thought I might as well sell it. I'm only accepting RSGP. Contact me via : [email protected] Msg me on the above if you want proof that I have the account and/or further pictures to float your boat :S The highest bidder will get the account, if I confident it won't be a scam. We'll set the auto win at 30mil.[rsgpHey everyone I'm selling this pure for RSGP. Autowin - 50M : [email protected] : Mw2_Monster[RSGP] Level 80 Pure! 99 STR, 99 MAGE, 99 RANGE, 52 PRAY and 4 DEFSelling a great pure. I made this around a year ago, I quit RS around 2 months ago and last week decided to come on here and sell my accounts. As you can see by my vouches (click "vouches" in my signature), in the 2 weeks I've been on sythe I have made some very high value trades, also have sold my nearly maxed main. Leading Bid: 150m - By Argo29 Auto-Win: Not Set Trading Information: You will go first, or a middle man can be used at your expense. (I will go first to anyone with 200+ vouches.) I am looking for RSGP bids only. Again, if you have 200+ vouches, I will look into paypal offers. Recoveries and Email will be deleted on a serious buyers request. Offers should be posted here, or you may leave a address in which I will add you. I am the only owner of this account. You will be given every detail. Notable account features: No Previous Offences! Stats: 99 Strength 99 Range 99 Magic 52 Prayer Items: Adamant Gloves Zamorak Book Accumulator Ghostly Robes Guthix Cape Main Quests Unlocked: All pure quests have been done. Monkey Madness Lost City Desert Treasure Mage Arena Horror From the Deep84 Cb Maxed Purestill for sale add my for pics [email protected][RSGP] Niko's 2 Dung accounts - 1 Def Pure [RSGP]Hello Sythe! I have 2 Dung accounts to sell!!! All information will be given when traded. i wont go first only if your trusted in MY eyes.. OMM can be used at 50/50 fees. Contact Email: [email protected] : pr01337Niko Account #1. Still member till 1st September 2011. 63 - combat. Autowin 25M RSGP. Account #2. F2P - 200k+ Tokens. 59 - Combat. Autowin 40M RSGP. > MY VOUCHES PP] Nice Initiate Pure - Veteran Cape - Good Stats [RSGP/PP]Hello Sythe i im here to sell this initiate Pure for you! Autowin 80MRSGP/50 USD Membership till 6th Setemper Rare Name for Making Dragon botters skulling on you. C O N T A C T : [email protected] : Pr01337niko Youtube: QwuittedPkr I WONT GO FIRST UNLESS YOUR TRUSTED IN MY EYES! otherweise we using an OMM at 50/50 Fees in RSGP. > MY VOUCHES < Also Check my DUNG ACCOUNTS ->> HERE !
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