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    sellin the greatest most ultimatest 1 def pure cb lvl 77has all quest done has all god books from bandos to zaros. and has adamant gloves/firecape. pm for and post your offer here.buying 60 range pure 3mso yeah i want a 60-70 range pure for 3m if any want to sell leave a commentSelling the BEST account on Runescape? Level 14, Fire cape/Barrows Gloves/CLS/235+ QPHere lies one of the best ever accounts, or holds potential to be one of the best accounts in the whole of the game. Original 4 letter name. CLS C MAUL 2 Fire Capes Ghostly Barrows Gloves DT/LUNAR/TURMOIL QUESTS DONE 235+ QP PET MONKEY MANY EXTREMES / OLV / SPEC RESTORES BANKED Level 14. This will have a LOT of attention and go FAST. Rather sell to well known members. Can meet in game to confirm legitimacy.Low Level account shop! (Summ tank, Iban Pure, Skiller and more!) ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hello, here is some of my low level accounts. Offer away! PP/RSGP! Iban Pure!: Skiller!: Cool starter mage pure!: Random failed pure with high prayer!: Fishing skiller: So much more to come! TOS: I will not go first on any1, who haves less than 60 Vouches, if i don't want. If you offer via PayPal, your going first. (Expections possible.) You will pay any OMM fees. Don't even try to scam me. (I had 3 vouches, but didn't have time to make thread, if wanted, can get these vouches! They are all +100$ vouches :p) My vouches anyways. :///showthread.php?t=1280762Buying Dung Pure!!!Must have 1 def/pray/summon, must be a hybrid (able to switch between meele, ranged, and magic), and must have at least 200K tokens!! Preferably paying with PayPal, but if the account is amazing I will pay with RSGP!! TRUSTED MEMBERS ONLYOne Of A Kind Obby Mauler, Best On .Hello Recently been getting bored of this game, Botting was a hobby of mine, now that I can't bot I think it's time to sell my last account for a profit. Will only be accepting Rsgp, and or USD payment through WU or MAIL, Will post on PA if requested. Here is a little about this amazing mauler. -I am only owner, Recoveries will be removed if I find a serious buyer. -COMES WITH OR WITHOUT 62m WEALTH, DEPENDENT ON THE BUYER/ THE OFFER. -All important quests finished for the mauler, Recipe for disaster up to mith gloves, Horror from the deep, one small favor, Mountain daughter up to bear head, ect. -55 Slayer was a love you, lucky for the buyer this account already has it. -One of a kind with many 90's and 99 rc + wc! -Hits over 440, my personal max I believe is 442. -Account is low hp making it only 49 combat, mostly 1 hits people. -Mauler has ALL loyalty comstumes, along with TIER one poison purge! -Also has over 15k loyalty points to spend for the new upcomming costumes and Tiers ect. PICTURES! Stats Combat Some Non-Trade Items/Sick Setup Bank1 Bank2 Bank3 Wealth! -I am only owner, Recoveries will be removed if I find a serious buyer. -Post here with bids in RSGP or USD Via WU PA or MAIL only. -I will provide buyer with all information from creation date, to membership info, previous passes, Registered email, Current personal phone number for direct contact if have questions ect! -THERE IS NO A/W, I WILL SELL TO A BUYER WHO'S OFFER SEEMS FAIR! (DON't POST LOW BALL OFFERS) -START THE BIDDING GOOD LUCK -FEEL FREE TO POST ANY PICTURE REQUESTS, QUESTIONS, OR CONCERNS!86 Magic 10hpSelling 10HP 86 MAGE 82 CRAFITNG AND 75 HERBLORE, LOOKING FOR RSGP ADD IF INTRESSTED [email protected](RSGP) Low Level (59) G-mauler (RSGP)Hello guys I am selling my gmauler that i made a while ago for cheap!!!! HEre are the pictures of the stats and login for the account! Login: Stats: Add my if interested [email protected] selling fairly cheap will set a/w later ! having to repost pics one sec
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