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    SWAP/RSGP-Trading Beast main with rapier and 3x99 2x90+ for a Obby Mauler,or zealmuleHey trading this account level 113 with rapier (3x99 2x90+) for a obby mauler,starter pure,or zeal mule (MUST HAVE MEMBERSHIP) Or 50m rsgp My [email protected] My -WAKEISME[RSGP/PP] Selling Rapier Staker - 80atk,88str,88mage,91dung,90wc,rapier,cls,maul ( 1 2 3)Everything you need to know is in the pictures below! Post you offers here. Of course I will be taking the highest offer assuming I am satisfied with the offer. I will consider RSGP and PayPal offers separately. Top 3 RSGP Offer(s): Quote: Originally Posted by Soo Real I offer 100M Quote: Originally Posted by Mattyg Don't hijack faggot. Hey bro ill pay rsgp for it straight up 70m? use MM and passes recovery test cheers buddy Top 3 PayPal Offer(s): Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew lRawr $108 paypal add me: [email protected] TERMS: paypal, OMM and needs to pass a recovery test For more information, feel free to PM me.Selling Great Staker 97 STR [RAPIER] etchello i am selling a staker wuth a rapier i have vouches and if you are intrested add my and we will talk about how we will do this images bank stats : [email protected][65+ vouches][Guru] Selling quested zerker - 99 str, 99 rng, 94 mage, Bgloves [RSGP] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Hi! Please note that I'm only selling these accounts if i get a GOOD offer i like. I'm in no hurry to sell these. I'm only accepting RSGP. I'm selling these two accounts. Let's start with the one defence pure: I'm the original owner, unfortunately i don't have much info on it because i was rather young when i created it (Around 2006 i think). But you will get everything i have about it (Member pins, prev password etc). It has a pretty nice name, which some people compliment :) BOTH ACCOUNTS HAS BEEN SOLD! Pure sold to this guy: Quote: Originally Posted by Blake112222 Vouch for I Own You All, he sold me an account for 130m i went first. (Ps I owe you 10m !) The Zerker pure I'm unfortunately not the original owner of this account, but I've had it for over a year, and I've trained all the stats except for fishing and a bit firemaking, and almost certain that the orig owner won't try to recover this account. You will get all the info i have on the account, which is fairly much. Login: Stats + Wealth (91 combat!): Quests: Important quests done (177 quest points): Lunar Diplomacy - Lunar spell book(Vengeance) Desert Treasure - Ancient magics Recipe for disaster - ALL DONE - Barrows gloves Monkey Madness - Dragon scimmy Animal Magnetism - Avas acumulator Just ask if you want to know if a specific quests is completed. I ONLY ACCEPT RSGP! Please leave a bid on this thread or pm me!Trading Beast main with rapier and 3x99 2x90+ for a Decent pure!(Under 5def!)Hey trading this account level 113 with rapier (3x99 2x90+) for decent pure (under 5 def) with atleast dt done,82mage+,1-60 attack. MY [email protected] -WakeismeBuying f2p pure high str/rangeBuying a 1 def pure I mainly want high range and high str..i can bot the rest...leave a post or PM meSelling: 95 str 94 mage + more ( 1 2)never mind on these accounts 2 Maxed [email protected][email protected]!Hi i'm selling 2 pure accounts 1 with: 60att 99str 1def 99range 99mage 45pray 90hp 3/1 def i brewed. and another with: 75att 95str 99range 99mage 64pray 2def 93hp 92herb Overloads - fire cape this acc has over 150m enought for 95pray on both accounts i've done - monkey madness - desert treasure - Adamant Gloves - Unholy Book - both account has a firecape. - Overloads Every main pure quest basically done intrested??? EMAIL ME!! [email protected] also if u want pics email me or meet me ingame i don't mind
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