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    Buying Turmoil PureBuying Turmoil Pure. Im willing to pay RSGP or Paypal. I know Im new at this and not trusted so I will go first, but you have to show proof that you are legit.[RSGP]Lvl 74 Range Tank | Lvl 67 Tribrid[RSGP]So I am selling 2 pures, one lvl 74 ranged tank here: [^]81 Dung, not many quests done, was more of a f2p pker for me. And a lvl 67 Tribrid here: Desert Treasure done, Ava's done, 92 mage, high range and str, lower hp than normal!! Full Zammy book, multiple sets of ghostly As for prices, just post an offer down below :] ( If u need more pictures, just ask! ) HOW I SELL: Option 1 - Use a VMM Of Sythe to complete trade Option 2 - Step 1: You show me the rsgp Step2: I give you username and pass ( You can change pass ) Step3: You give me money Step4: I log out of the account I'm selling and provide you with additional info for recovering.Near Maxed Chaotic Ini PureInterested in what kind of price i could get for this, Has Rapier, Rune gloves Dt done etc... Has about a 60-70m bank which can be removed or kept, depending on price, 90 CombatLEVEL 88 5mil CHEAP!I am selling my level 88 general runescape account it is ex members and has 30 summoning so in members its higher level. It has whip and stuff like that pictures are below Im Australian so I prefer paypal please post me offers but I prefer nothing under 15/ono AUD but need a quick sell so anything reasonable. runescapepicsofaccount.blogsp...-pictures.htmlSelling Pro 20 Defence Pure | Chaotic Staff | Arcane Stream | Rune Gloves | Dagon'HaiHi! Today I'm selling this Amazing 20 Defence Pro Pure with Great stats! The easiest way to describe the account to you would be with visual images CURRENT BID: - Below are the account images: This account includes: - 20 Defence Fully Quested. - Rune Gloves. - Dagon'Hai Robes. - Chaotic Staff. - Arcane Stream. - 87 Dungeoneering for Easy Tokens and Frost Dragons. I am taking all offers via PayPal or RSGP, so please bid away! Please note: I have a number of other accounts for sale, check out my profile for the others!FDK Pures.Just to clarify I am not selling any FDK pures AT THE MOMENT. This thread's aim is to find out the following: The demand for FDK pures at the moment. Would you buy one/ more than one ready for when the bots are back up and running? The price you are willing to pay for an FDK pure. What is the maximum and minimum price you would be willing to pay for a reasonably leveled FDK pure? Lets say 80 Strength, Attack, Defence, Con and 50 Prayer along with the obvious... The demand and price of a higher leveled FDK pure. Would you rather pay more money for an FDK pure with slightly higher and more convenient stats? Lets say maybe 52 summoning, or 50 mage more some teles. The demand for personally tailored FDK pures. Would you be interested in consulting with me and ordering an FDK more tailored to your preferences? Such a very high combat level or certain quests and other skills leveled/completed. Thanks for any help you guys can give me!Almost Maxed Pure- Chaotics, Gravite 2h, Holy Bibles - all filled, Skill Capes, Addy Gloves. - Skills - Combat level (W/Summoning) Looking for the best offer, hope you like itSelling Nice Range Tank [rsgp] ( 1 2)Hello sythe! I'm selling my range tank because I'm bored of it and working on a obby tank! I'm looking for 10m RSGP. Here are some pics... Mith gloves & Ava's Login screen: Leave your with offer I'll add it - I don't go first unless you're trusted or a member of staff!
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