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    [WTS] Core acc Yul 96,70% for ppl who like anchant WTS Yul 96,70% Human Dual WC81 Sub sps 63 ON account is many High Grade Lucky enchant Stone: Armor 27 (30%suces rate more) Weapon 18 (20%) cost in L2 store 3€ each Items: Bound Seraph Laight Set +4,3,3,3,3 +60 atri. all parts Bound Seraph jew. all +3 Bound TW Laight Set all +3 Olympiad Quean Ant Ring Belt and Shirt TOI +3 Ring TOI lvl IX Zaken Cloak, Istina Barclet 1,5k mente marks, oly token 44k , Fame 190k I Want 1kkk or 75€

    [WTB] Tyrr or Yul 95+ Core EU As the title says, WTB Tyrr or Yul 95+ (preferably 97+) Char can be with or without gear I pay for char in adena. Only trusted sellers Pm your offers

    [WTS] ITEMS ON L2WORLD.ORG Hy guyz as the tittle says i am selling some ITEMS at l2World As adena/vesper found robe set epics etc ... For more information leave me here a pm (Payment should be done via Paypal)

    [WTS] Feoh Wizard 86level NCSoft(NAIA server) [Hidden post: .]

    [WTS] Hk on INC w/ or w/o items Server's link: Rates: x500 Client: h5 -E.Robe +20 lv7 -E.heavy +16 lv7 -Rb set +20 (Tezza,Antharas,Baium,AQ,B.zaken) -Belt pvp def +20 -Cp shirt +20 -Tons of weapons + 16/20 -Tons of stones,talismans -Many subs with +30 skills -B.zaken +20 -B.Freya +20 -Antharas +20 -Sigil +20 -Tezza/Freya Cloak -Beleth +20 Selling also FA alone -2.5kk FA atm Will update the topic daily ,pm me ONLY WITH YOUR OFFER. Accepting only psc.

    [WTS] Adena on Shilen server WTS Adena on Shilen Server Best service and Fast deliveries Information about price on : d1abl0oo Accept only paypal/moneybooker

    [WTS] L2 Cleaver items Hi there, I want to sell: RB jewels IC set+6 DB F +6 a lot of weapons s grade +0 or +3 DC robe set +6 Draco set and much more! pm me on : l2servv (there is 2x v)

    [WTS] L2 world hero char As title says, can't tell what class but it is hero, also have Vesper Heavy set +6 to sell with it. Char on its own + 600k oly tokens : Selling for 5EUROS (or gift League of legends gift 800riot points) Char + vesper heavy +6 60/60/60 + 600k tokens + 1kkk adena: 10 euros (Or gift league of legends 1780 riot points) For any more info via pm, won't tell anyone what char it is, just that it is DD char. Thanks

    [WTB] othel/tyrr/healer/yul/tank/iss 99 lvl CORE L2 innova hey i want to buy othel/tyrr/healer/yul/tank/iss 99lvl on core l2 innova i pay in adena or euro pm me with offers ONLY TRUSTED SELLERS! : roenergie

    [WTB] chars Core Innova(close) Wtb either a Iss enchanter or a Feoh Wizard - lvl 86-89. Got it tkx

    [WTS] Tank 97 human male/ 97 lvl with dual 85 yul Naked Most skills on +5 Selling for adena or $$ CHEAP!!! PS.Account not migrated.


    [WTS] Chars + Items on NCWest Offiial (Magmeld) server WTS or WTT for Innova Core server items + chars from Magmeld: Tank: 94 lvl, full TW set +3 lvl 7, seraph hvy set rdy on wh with lvl 4 attr, bound apocalypse cutter focus lvl 7 +3, tw jewels set +3 , 200kk adena, AQ for 30 days on wh, VP pots, xp runes 50% for 1 hour, noble char with sub archer 56 lvl, heros returning potion VP on wh Healer: 94 lvl, full TW robe set +3 lvl 7, seraph robe + light set rdy for lvl 95 on wh, Standar apocalypse retributer lvl 4, +3, double SA acumen + emp, 250kk adena, VP pots, XP runes 50% for 1 hour, noble char with sub dagger 56 lvl, heros returning potion VP on wh, TW set jewels +3, Freya necklase, 4 birthday vitality pots for 4 hours each, xp rune 50% for 7 days Iss: 90 lvl full tw set +3 lvl 4, apocalypse dualsword +3, +3 set tw jewels Trade above 3 chars with 2 on Innova Core or sell them via PayPal. For info pm me.

    [WTS] Yull 99 DE CORE Hi I want to sell my Yull 99 DE FEMALE with 96 lvl Sigel dual and 80/80 subs. Main Yull 99 - R99 bound eternal set +3 full resist -r95 crossbow +4 with SA full ele -r99 jewelry + shock resist earring -top grade tw belt skill power -skills enchanted +3/4/5 -dual class shirt -dyes 3x +3str-1 -parts of r95 seraph with 120 res DualClass Tank 96lvl ~40% - R95 bound SET with 60 resists -r grade weapon -r95 jewelry +3/4

    [WTS] BFDR.EU Items S grade BFDR.EU Items S grade / pm for prices

    [WTS] Adena Core - Innova 1kkk = 75€. PM for more info Happy buyers:Jeddith; Don't send first!


    [WTB] Adena on DEX GoD ^ pm

    [WTS] ISS ENCHANTER ! Lilith PL [NEW OFFICIAL SERVER] WTS ISS ENCHANTER 85 (ORC MALE) On character you got A grade set + S grade weapon + few mats and adena. Informations and Contact Email: [email protected] Price are Negotiable. Payment via PayPal.

    Lineage2 Naia Hello, im selling accaunt on Lineage2 Naia server . Char info : Sigel knight 92lwl ,TW h set , anihilation talisman, dual sub tyrr warrior 85 , other subs 80. also have ~250kk adena. contacts : : nadafedianadarofl Or write just here , and we talk about it.

    Dex x3 GOD Market Chars : a. Wynn Summoner 98/ Sub Yul 87 Items : Set R 95 Bound atributed 120 light / Robe / Twilight light set / Apoc bow+ Apoc Retri (300) /Specter Bow R 95 + 300 / Set Eternal R 99 Robe (bound) / R 99 Retributer , pendant P atk , istina ring. b. ISS 95 , Twilight H set / Apoc duals c. Feoh 97 , Full R 95 ( bound ) robe / Retributer R 99 bound / Retributer r95 bound +300 / subclass Yul 88 full twilight + apoc bow d.Healer / Iss x2 86 + Event Items Pm me for details , thanks.

    [WTB] WTB adena on core : jowjon

    [WTB] Adena RPG-CLUB 7x Federation Hello, i want to buy around 1.5kkk - 2kkk adena in RPG-CLUB 7x pm, thx

    [WTS] L2Sexi WTS/T VIP Doombringers +30 skills god gear and more pm if interested Also trading for items in l2gold or l2inc

    [WTB] WTB Accounts 97+ Naia WTB: ISS 97+ Yul archer 97+ Dagger 97+ Wynn 97+ [Buy] pm me

    [WTS] WTS ITEMS baium+16,qa+16,tezza+16,zaken+16,vorpal set+20 800k FA dual daggers +20 bow+20

    [WTS] wts tank 97 CORE Hi, WTS Sigel Knight 97 Dark Elf (subclass 90+ healer, 80,78 - subclass skills) Equip: seraph set ALL parts +4 (3x120 attribute balanced); apo cutter + health; all cloaks; some eternal hvy parts in wh. Seraph jewels +4, Top Grade resistance earring +Shock Seraph shirt +4 CON +7 R belt + PVP defense Good reputation on server I sell it with e-mail (which can be changed of course).

    [WTB] yul 99 core As the topic say, i want to buy yull 99lvl on core pm with price

    [WTS] ISS 86 ON DEX x3 TAUTI WTS ISS 86 On dex server PM for info

    [WTS] L2Pride items[GR] opws leei kai o titlos sellaro items ston l2 pride opios endiaferete mpori na kani ena pm Armor: Dread Helmet: +12 Dread Main : +4 Dread Pants : +4 Dread Gloves: +8 Legacy Dread Boots: +4 Jewels: zaken dementia +11 baylor +10 vesper necklase +12 baium anger +10 soul scream +10 accesories: Cruel muzzle Piercing Circlet weapons Epic Antumbra +4 Holy Avengers +4 and more ...... char lvl 91 Ghost hunter 91 Sagitarius stilte m gia to poso

    [WTS] Feoh 88 (SHILEN Official Server) WTT or WTS : 1) Feoh 88 20% lvl Nobles with TW set Robe , TW set Jewels , Apo Retri ,Zaken cloak (Dark Elf male) 2) Yul archer 90 lvl Nobles with 2 Sub (78 lvl WC) (77 lvl cardinal) with imortal set (Dark Elf male) SOLD 3)Iss 85 lvl With imortal set (WC male) SOLD I want to trade them for Adena on Shilen

    [WTS] octavis and adena in l2 DEX x3 GOD wts baium and 600kk adena. : jowjon

    [WTS] OTHELL ROGUE 99/93 CORE Hello , I am selling a Light Elf dagger , lvl 99 with dual almost 93 other sub 80+ 80+. It have : +10 skill =blood stab /heart breaker /chainblow /superior dagger mastery /superior critical mastery +8 skill = Reverse /shadow chase +7 skill = ALL OTHER Hellfire talisman 3* STR dye Full SET R95 leather It come with many usefull item in warehouse , crystal , enchant scroll , event stuff ,XP item ,... 195€ for character Add me on =edgarQQQ (verified paypal)

    WTB Items L2World Hey, WTB: - Vesper Light Set / Robe Set - Vesper Shaper / Buster - Adena - or fully equipped Character paying with €, Msg me here to get my .

    [WTS] Char at l2hooligans Hello as you see i sell one char at l2hooligans interlude new server 1k+ players online main class BD with a lot of sub like bp/sps/GS/Sagi/SPH/Duelist/ ++ skills full items, the char is to top 10 at pvp list with 2.247++ PvP!!!Server is 7 days online! price 20 euro pm me,thank's!

    [WTS] CHAR / ITEMS ON L2 PRIDE CHAR ON L2 PRIDE Main Class - Lv92 Storm Screamer / 7900 PvP Sub Class - Lv93 Ghost Sentinel Sub Class - Lv91 Doombringer Sub Class - Lv90 Duelist Sub Class - Lv90 Titan Sub Class - Lv90 Sword Muse Sub Class - Lv89 Grand Khavatari Sub Class - Lv87 Dominator Bonus Items : +20 Dyna Weapon / +20 Dyna Ring ITEMS ON L2 PRIDE +18 Icarus Bow SOLD +12 Iron Stone Piggy Hat SOLD GLITS PM ME WITH YOUR OFFERS

    [WTS] Blessed Zaken +5 shilen official server Wts blessed Zaken earing : Ayazhussein_1993 or leave PM

    [WTS] RPG 7x top ACC+ITEMS WTS 85 Tyrant, nobless, 75+ 3 subs, all skills+15(active & passive), stun+30, zealot+30, black nickname, rpg hat(750 rur), cloack of greenary(1450rur), vorpal l set+6+1800ATT+PVP, 2x vorpal earrings+6, 2x vorpal rings+6, tezza+6, zaken+6, s grade shirt+hp+6, s grade physical skill belt+6, doom heavy set+6+7, dyn sword+hp+foundation(HP), c grd shield+6, best c gun+16, divine cloak+6, vesper fist+10+focus+pvp, oly ring & earring, 50+ talismans like(divine protection, max clar, life force) and other items like: 10k+ fresh herbs, 1k+ gifts, adena... augments: active refresh, p atk, battle roar, heal. Last month I had 900pts at oly. : deivis2005 ALL SOLD THX MAXCHEATERS FOR HELP

    [WTB] The Great Marchet of Innova Core After a serious of false accusations, im force To Open a New Marchet Place... Wtb: Unbid R99 Baium Ring: Octavis Ring: Istina Neckleace Blessed apo dualsword +4 x2Sa Antharas Earring: Important Some adena Important Normal/Blessed Specter Dual Sword x2 Sa Really Important Blessed Eternal heavy Parts Blessed eternal Bp Blessed dualsword R99 I Have Enought Trades And Voices To dont send First So Dont Pm With Stupid Question!!! Quote from: Lol0 on January 15, 2013, 11:24:22 PM +1, all went good Quote from: bigmanx on January 16, 2013, 01:54:13 PM he bought 1kkk from me. got the money, i'm satisfied. Quote from: Punisher91 on January 28, 2013, 05:05:57 PM ;DHe bought istina earring from me...good trader Quote from: Lol0 on February 05, 2013, 11:25:27 PM he went first, all cool. if any1 needs proof he can pm me. Quote from: crumbzz on February 09, 2013, 07:22:20 PM my vouch for him Quote from: TardaerGame on February 21, 2013, 07:10:54 PM +1

    [WTS] weapons sell DB+21=45$ +22=60$ +23=75$ +24=90$ +25=120$ +26=150$ Am +20 = 40$ +21=50$ +22=70$ +23=90$ +24=110$ Accept - paypal, bank to bank transfer(via credit card or others), western union (fees are paid by buyer) contacts icq - 873700 mail - [email protected] - gsl2elite

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