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    Selling a level 89 Main ! [99fishing],[99fletching][94cooking] [RSGP OR PAYPAL]Hello sythe, i recently joined so i wanted to sell my skiller pure that i had laying around for quite a bit of time. my is [email protected] i won't go first unless your trusted and if your not trusted and won't go first we use a OMM you have to pay. Pictures: NOTE -- IT DOES NOT HAVE THE RSGP SHOWN ON THE ACCOUNT -- THE ACCOUNT IS SOLD WITH 0 RSGP. JUST THE SKILL CAPES[RSGP] [Bid] Selling lvl 73 Zeker Pure [Great Account]Hello, i am selling a lvl 73 Zerker Pure account. The winner will be determined when i say so. The starting bid is 2m. Also, you must agree to the following Terms of Service in order to purchase the account. T.O.S 1.) I will not be going first 2.) We can use a trusted MM with 200+ vouches or a OMM 3.) If we use an OMM you must pay the fees 4.) I do not require a vouch after the trade has been completed. But one would be nice 5.) You must fill out the following order form. Quote: How much you are bidding: How to contact you: Do you agree to the T.O.C?: Do you want to use an MM/OMM at your expense?: Pictures located below: No Recoveries Quest Points/CB Lvl Stats Wealth (not that much)Selling Level 79Stats: 60 atk, 73 str, 60 def, 28 range, 45 pray, 49 magic, 65 constit, 26 mine, 81 fish, 66 cook, 45 fire, 55 woodcut I will give u recovery answers !!! SELLING FOR VERY CHEAP!!!!! paypal gift only!!! pvt msg me if interested I GO FIRST TO TRUSTED PPL ONLY!!!!!!!!!!![RSGP] Selling my zerk pure [96 str][CHEAP][TRUSTED]Payment and Rules: - I will sell this account for rsgp only. - Starting bid is 10M - Autowin is 25M - I will only go first if you look trustworthy ,otherwise you get a mm and pay fees. - Post here than add my : [email protected] Stats : Bank : Login Screen : Blackmarks:Selling level 63 Mage/Range HybridThe only main stats are 80 ranged, 85 magic, 44 prayer. Animal magnetism is done. Desert treasure and Monkey Madness are NOT DONE. Melee stats are all 1. If you would like to know more info about this acc, like the name and everything, please PM me and I will give you an Email. This account will not come with any wealth, and will have a cleared bank. Offer for the account on this thread. Pm me for more information. Thanks.Selling zerker for [RSGP]Hello everyone, i would like to offer u a zerker pure. Everything is on pictures. Please post here ur offers.||rsgp|| Selling Amazing Pure ||rsgp|| 96 Magic!!- I'm the original owner. - Recovs and e-mail will be deleted if I get a serious buyer. - We will use a trusted MM, or an official if you pay for it. - All information will be given, such as: - Membership info, - Previous passwords, - Previous recovery questions, - Creation details. - A recovery test will be done by the MM if you want. AW: 60M Highest bid: None yet. Pictures: Stats: Bank: (Everything will be included, except the 12M) You will get the 42K Alchs, it will get you 98 magic, almost 99 about 8K alchs till 99. NO SWAPS I will not add random s, post your bid here or PM me it + your .Buying A Defence Pure!!!!!Hello sythe!! I am trying to buy a defence pure today!!! Would love the following stats 70 att 1 str 70 def any hp 1 prayer 1 mage 1 range MUST HAVE 1 PRAYER!!!! Just let me know what you have, include the stats and the combat!!! Thank you!!!
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