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    Selling many accounts!! Many different levels! ( 1 2)xbl4cksh4d0wx's Account Shop! (I only accept RSGP or Paypal - NO SWAPS.) __________________________________________________ ________ Account #1: Quote: Originally Posted by PANiC* Massive vouch for xbl4cksh4d0wx, sold me an awesome pure for a great price. Great guy to deal with, I went first and would definately do it again! Thanks. ================================================== ===== Account #2: COMBAT LEVEL 58 Amazing account, great for DDS staking, or D-CLAW staking, as it has 1 prayer- it's top of the line for it's level. Theres no getting better for a low level DDS staker, stay low level in the duel arena and you'll never have to worry about getting staff of lighted, or any of the higher level tricky weapons. Pricing of this can be discussed via Currently, 22 days of membership left. A/W 35M ================================================== ====== Account #3: COMBAT LEVEL 69 Basically, a perfect range staker and pker. It's got awesome stats, and it really doesn't get beaten in stakes. You can whip out the full dragon and basically wreck anyone you fight, since it's hard for anyone to hit past raw ownage. It's hard to say much else, you could use rune crossbow and D-Bolts (E), or Onyx Bolts (E), in stakes, and diamond bolts (e) while PKing, it's got room for improvement but it's an altogether awesome account. Currently 81/90 Range. A/W 15m ------------------------------------------ Account #4: COMBAT LEVEL 60 Basically a staking prodigy. You can't get much better than this, you'd normally use Rune Knifes and special attack off DM. No armor works best unless you have the top of the line stuff, like ranger boots, robin hood, and fury, only allow those. In my opinion, if you're looking for a ranger, start here. He's 90 fishing, can easily bot up some money, and he's got perfect stats for the staking arena. PKing is just as easy, can do knifes to crossbow for epic wins, or anything your heart desires Currently, 25 days of membership left. A/W 25M If you're interested in any of the accounts, post your and I'll add you, my ONLY is: [email protected] DO NOT TRADE WITH ANYONE BESIDES THE ABOVE E-MAIL, OR IT IS -NOT- ME. I will not be on ANY other -EVER-. Thanks for your consideration, I normally check my thread AT LEAST three times a day, and I will NOT go first, I'm glad to use an OMM at your expense. As stated, all of my accounts are only one prayer. This keeps them top of the line for staking. You can start bidding, or make a solid offer, I may accept it depending on the situation, and time the account has been for sale. Thanks for offering.I have two pure ranged account to sellHere are two pure ranged accounts I promise to you they are absolutely safe, it you are intested in any of them, you can contace my : [email protected] or my Email: [email protected] Also, you can post here.[RSGP]Buying 1 Def Pure With DT/MM/LC Done[RSGP]Looking for around 85 cb. You go first or we can split an OMM if he/she accepts RSGP as payment Willing to pay up to 100m. Add my in sig!Selling 99 Range 96 Mage 50 Att 86 Str R Glove PureHey guys, Services Galore here. I'm selling a pretty beast Rune Glove pure, it's got nice stats, although its un-quested with a little bit of work this account could be a nasty pker. [EDIT] Has 30m now - If you want the cash on the account, bump up the price 25$. Features - EDIT - 79+7 Combat 99 Range 96 Mage (NO DT DONE) - DOES have Sara staff done. 86 Strength 44 Pray 50 Attack - G maul 79 RC57 Sum - For RC via Ghraak method. 90 HP - WASN'T SOUL WAR TRAINED AT ALL. Quests - Climbers and ava's thats about it, It does have steel gloves and DEF was trained via Nature spirit (Rune gloves Req quest for def) What I'm looking for - PayPal (NON CREDIT CARDBANK FUNDED - It's way to easy to stop a payment) img832/9969/wdf020526.png leave your 's here ill add you leave offers here aswell plz[RSGP] Combat 89 "Range Tank"I guess I can start by posting in the correct section, sorryz. If interested look in the right oneCheap lvl 82 with dt and 99 mage ppI am selling my account with 99 mage for either pp i will post pics below i am willing to go first if you have some vouches. Post your offer's below looking for at least $25 Money i52.tinypic/zioidi.png Stat's i56.tinypic/2hd89k4.jpg My only email is [email protected] lvl 99 - 83 Strength, 80 DefenceI am selling a lvl 99 Runescape account. Total level of 1488 and lots of good stats. I can also add a membership to it for a little extra or I can give you a $10 Ultimate Game Card with your purchase. There is also over 12m in items on this account. I will NOT go first and a free MM will be used if we both agree on him or a OMM will be used u pay fees. I accept paypal only and I am open to offers. If u have any questions or if u want to buy leave a comment below, pm me or me at [email protected] Proof:
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