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    spending 20m/20$ on a zerkeri have 20$ sitting in my paypal which i can sue to buy 20m if thats what you prefer must be 45 defence, thats the only req really hopefully some quests done. Wont go first. i'm trusted enough check ym vouches out, if you have a problem with this do not post.Selling level 63 with 85 Dung! 80 Att.Thread Closed[PAYPAL] Nearly maxed 60 attack pure w/ 99 str 91 range 75 Cb [PAYPAL]Selling this runescape account for cash only. We can use a trusted mm if needed. It is a Good pking account. [size=18pt]Brawling Gloves[/size][67 cb skiller] 93wc,3m wealth.[PP ONLY]Hey guys, today I be selling my skiller. Im quitting and selling most of my accounts. Im going to sell this one for paypal money only. It has 3,1m wealth and some good stats and its a very good money maker. : [email protected] NOTE: I WILL NOT GO FIRST A/w 10$ Stats: Wealth: Happy bidding!Selling Level 89 Zerker Pure! 99 Fletch!!!Hey I'm selling this due to alot of my friend's in real life having low level pure's, and as i only play for enjoyment i would enjoy it alot more to pk with them, so i decided to sell this account for funds for my new pure. The 99 Fletch was Achieved today. Note: I am the original owner of the account. It's has NEVER had Recovery question's nor an Email Registered. Vouches: sythe/showthread.php?t=1016527 Also the Bank will be Emptied. Forgot to put my name in pictures: will meet in game if you need proof! (My Bad) The following quest's have been completed: Death Plateau Demon Slayer Dragon Slayer Dwarf Cannon The Fremennik trails The Grand Tree Gunnar's Ground Imp Catcher Lost City Monkey Madness Rune Mysteries Sheep Herder Tree Gnome Village Unstable Foundations Vampire Slayer a/w - ? Start bid: 20M Login: Current Bank: s918.photobucket/albums/a...nt=Redbank.png Stats: s918.photobucket/albums/a...t=RedStats.png 99 Screen shot: s918.photobucket/albums/a...rrent=my99.png If you interested add me on : [email protected] (You must post first)[RSGP] My MAXED 60 att 1 def Pure (99str,range and mage)*Typo its 2 def pure but o well lol* Hey people im selling my MAXED pure for RSGPs so i can get turmoil on my main. Take a look at the pics add me on me on and hopefully we can sort out a good deal. My is [email protected] (DO NOT ADD ME UNLESS YOU HAVE POSTED ON THE THREAD FIRST) Despite the post count etc, im not some dum kid i know how account selling works i have dealt on powerbot and playerup, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES AM I GOING FIRST IN THE TRANSACTION FULL STOP. Also the account has never been botted, or anything like that i have trained up those skills personally and you see that via the adventure log show the ridiculous hours i have put in to making this pure, (2360 hours to be exact) Also the account comes with 1m worth of pking equitment already onit, and i dont mind meeting in any serious buyer in game to confirm i own the account. Thank you AND good luck biding Current Highest--75m A/W...... P.S--recoverys and email will be deleted when i receive a serious offer from a buyer Also all important Quest have been done, Acc has also got Addy gloves onit[Rsgp] Selling MAXED init pure 99 hp 80 dung - Quested Def [Rsgp]SOLD KIX here to sell my level 93+8 Maxed Init Pure. Its done ALL pures quests/rune gloves/dt/Salve and more. Its completely maxed apart from 94 Magic but thats easy enough. Apart from the combat 99s, its also 99 Hunter, 80 Farming, 80 Dungeoneering. Ranked Lieutenant in Foe Channel. (Orange Star) STILL HAS ALL TOKENS FROM DUNEONEERING. (201k) I am looking for a solid price of 200M Rsgp. (I will not be selling the gold on the account with the account) My : [email protected][Selling] 80 Ranged, 1 Def, 26 prayer [PP][RSGP] ( 1 2)Sold.
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