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    Void pure 83 range & MAIN CB lvl 99Sup! trading my void pure and main with a CB lvl of 99 for an AGS! Add me on for screenshots [email protected] ty :) x00xSelling 85 Zerker! 90 str! 82 fish! D GlovesWanting to sell this account for around 20m+, Will not go first. The account has around 30+ rune defenders on it, All the basic zerker quests done. Never did DT. The account does have recovery questions and a bank pink which will be handed over. Also I'll finish training the attack to 70 if you like. Feel free to add me at [email protected] Lv 86 Turm Pure W/ 370M | 60 Attack . 83 . 40 Def . 87 Range . 95 Pray . 87 Magemy is snapfitness @ I want to sell this account to invest in money/accounts to stake. In rs, i mostly stake and i only pk on this account to relieve stress when i lose stakes. It is a very fun account to pk on, very easily to kill people. Account has 370m, depending on offer I will remove the gp on the account. OMM/VMM will be used at your expense, account has no email/recoveries . Pictures:[RSGP/PAYPAL] Selling Maxed Melee Level 99 Rune Pure with 92 Range and 94 Magic ( 1 2)RSGP or Paypal Add me on : [email protected] Will go first to trusted. Will use for nontrusted. Willing to Sell Account without mills. Starting offer 65$.[RSGP] SOL/Whip STAKER! ( 1 2)selling this because ive already made tons of cash and making a whole new kind of staker right now. Pictures: Offer Away, leave a ! Will use [15M] Barrows Pker!Hey I'm here selling my barrows pure. Need money for a main for turmoil. Bidding starts at 5M, A/W is 15M. Cheers! Selling this account for around 15M rsgp only . The account is now 83 magic! If your interested, post below. : [email protected] : s_o_u_p1selling tanker ranger with 99 range 30mselling my lvl 95+7 tanker range very cheap! has no email but has recovs which can be deleting in minutes if i find a buyer! selling him for 30m may take less By null at 2011-03-10Buying [maxed Pure] [dt & Mm Completed] 1 Def -Buying a Pure. 99 Str 94 + Magic 50 - 60 - or 75 Str ( prefer 60 ) 99 Range Prayer -( whatever the desired best prayer is for a pure these days ) - Paypal. - If someone would like to custom train/bot me one I will do that as well.
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