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    Autosoulwars ProIdk where else to put this but i really need help using this! what setting should i have runescape on? High brightness? low graphics? ect? please help. my guy will go into blue or red but once in the game he does nothing. also should my camera be set to a certain angle?selling lvl 87Selling my RuneScape acc for 6m auto win will trade for acc with 65 thieving. add me on @xxxid34thixxx can send pics add me on AIM @gayhatter123 can not send pics has 86 woodcutting. will trade for an acc with 99 thieving must have 10 days of members this account has 6 days left if you buy you have to go first or you have to pay for a middle-man Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with gold not includedSelling cbt 78 initiaite pure rune gloves 94 mageOk guys I just lost claws on my other account and had to re-buy them. Now i don't have enough for turmoil so I'm selling my initiate pure. The account does not have recoveries set. Some pics are: s1126.photobucket/albums/...IdfluStats.jpg s1126.photobucket/albums/...IdfluRares.jpg s1126.photobucket/albums/...dfluelogin.jpg The account has about no bank, however it has a few mill and charms for about 40 summoning maybe? It does have some skilling brawlers as well. It has a barrel chest anchor as well, and is quested to rune gloves. Also has 99% paws I do not have a price for bidding but I do have an A/W of 60 mill. My is: [email protected] contact me there if you are looking to buy. We can use OMM but you will pay fees. Edit: new to posting pictures so If it doesn't come up right I will say them here and someone in the comments can come and tell me how. It has 60 attack, 20 defense, 86 strength, 82 range, 80 hp, 94 magic, 52 prayer, 1 summoning, 85 mining I NEED THIS SOLD WITHIN THE NEXT DAY!!! A/W = 60m but I am willing to go much lower because I need this sold!! EDIT: PICS DO NOT WORK FOR SOME REASON, WHEN I GET IT FIXED I WILL EDIT. I CAN PROVE INGAME IF NEEDED10+ Accounts, 99 MAGE 10 HP + MORE!Account 1: Account 2: Account 3: Account 4: Account 5: Account 6: Account 7: Account 8: The pictures say it all, Offer away!NEW 60 ATTACK PURE ! 65 cbt. MM and DT done already.I WILL NOT GO FIRST, UNLESS ALOTA VOUCHES. if you wanna use an OMM or an MM itll be at your expense. no recovs or email reg. Can prove it. Not looking for too much for it, roughly 10-20m. Is a general rank in the Soul War cc '3zealsftw' . Has a completed Saradomin god book worth 2.4m. Will come with 7m all up. COMPLETED UP TO MITH GLOVES IN RFD. has stats for addy gloves, just cant be f'd. Has 48 agil and 69 cooking, need 70 cooking. but thats easy enough. INBOX ME ON SYTHE ! i have but i hate it. So do it here, when i find a serious buyer, will use . INBOX ME YOUR OFFERS, thanks. Quote: Originally Posted by lil_melo15 BIG VOUCH FOR THIS DUDE! Wasn't feeling safe and even let me do recovery test and even though we had problems still did everything he could to prove to me he wasn't scamming and whatnot. BIG VOUCH FOR THIS DUDE!!!want to sell a combat 72 with a few high skillshi this is my first post on this site i have been trying to sell my accounts but keep getting ppl just trying to scam me, first time trying a fourm so i apoligise if this isnt in the right spot for my type of charecter. ok so hes a combat lvl 72 has a few high skills like his mining is 71 and he has 50 wood cutting and 49 smithing there about the highest i have worked on alot of skills as well most of em are some where around 20 to 30 so if u buy this acc ive already got u sorta started. it has 20 days of membership left at the moment so that a bonus if u buy he has alot in his bank so ill post many pics of it in a moment and pictures of his stats. in this post im really looking and just posting him and ppl can give me there offer for what they think is reasonable for what hes got i aint gonna try for some crazy price if it aint reasonable so im just looking to come to a agreement on a price really. if u want get in contact with me privately for questions about this account or offers or what ever just iver email me or pm for details or any other means of communication u would like to use. ill admit he dosent have alot of gp on him only 587k but that's cos i spent alot on the skills u would be buying and his high mining ans stuff can make u some ok money as well. also something to keep in mind im still working on this guy so his skills are still improving like my current focus atm is his strength skill. now for the pics! atm im only looking to use paypal for payments cos i now how to use it easier then trying to screw around with a unfamiliar payment type and it also offers u a buyer protection and such forth[RSGP] Level 61 Sw Prod 75 ATT | 73 STR | 1 DEF [LOW LEVEL HYBRID]Hey , pretty much ive clean out all of my accounts staking. I had AGS on this one but xfer'ed it to my main and lost it.....So im looking for a lower level DT 1 def/11-13 pray pure or 20-30M GP for it. this account is SW mostley , the only HP levels are from attaking people in soul wars. T.o.S. -I WILL ONLY GO FIRST TO TRUSTED PEOPLE WITH 35+VOUCHES (I WON'T GO FIRST TO V.I.P.'S UNLESS YOU HAVE 35 VOUCHES) -I CAN SAY NO TO WHOEVER I WANT -THE MONEY WILL BE SENT THROUGH PAYPAL VIA "GIFT", -IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE MM/OMM YOU WILL PAY 100% OF THE FEE'S -IF YOU JUST ADD ME , I WILL NOT EVEN CONSIDER YOUR OFFER , PLEASE POST A BID HERE FIRST -BUT POSTING A SERIOUS BID BELOW , YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS Pictures Are Below: Please just PM me with your and ill add you , but post here fisrt pleaseLevel 60 1def/pray Pure. 8m Wealth 99 Thieve ( 1 2)Typoed the title. Combat level is 61 I will not go first. We can use an OMM at your expense. I am looking for trusted buyers with verified paypals only. I AM NOT THE ORIGINAL ACCOUNT OWNER. I bought this account with 99 thieving from Lucsters shop back in November. Buyer will receive a notepad file of all recovery information, including all passwords ever used, zipcode, isp, creation date, and recovery questions. Contact me on sythe on at: [email protected] MM, Horror from the deep, Death plateau, RFD up to mith, Lost city are done
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