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    Rune Pure | rune gloves | 94 magehey all im new, selling this rune pure or zerker whatever u call it. it has some quests, rune gloves, lunar dip, desert treasure, MM, and total of 85 qps. giving all info if ur buying, email, recs, creation date etc. id like to get $20, would be better if ud add me on "armisxxx"73 CB, 10 DEFENCE PURE, 60 ATTACK, 81 strength, 87 RANGE, - SELL FOR GOLDGP OR PAYPALperfect pure with high levels and ANCIENT MAGIKS MONKEY MADNESS ETC COMPLETED- 71 quests complete all that u need as a pure- also around a 6mil bank some of items shown below -4 DAYS LEFT OF MEMBERSHIP! SELLING FOR PAYPAL OR RSGP will not go first unless highly vouched ME WITH OFFERS [email protected][PAYPAL]Selling BEAST GS pure[RSGP]Hey guys, selling my gs pure . It still has membership , it has around 200k cash. Here are some pics ! A/w- 25m/25$ My is - [email protected] possible turm zerker / range tank [98+7] - 85 dung -Ye, I decided to quit this account, as I have lost all my interest towards turmoil, high combat and such. This account used to be 1 def, and I regret it so badly that I got defence. It's a great account, that only needs Curse of arrav + senntisten for curses. It has handcannon etc, + 148qp so it's really not that much of an effort to get b gloves on it, ( rune gloves atm, cause it was originally 33 def, but got hacked). I am looking for atleast $60+, but if I feel like not accepting an offer, I have all the rights to. E-mail and recoveries will be removed upon request. Some information: - Dungeoneering level is legit, got it as a pure ( 1 def ), but then I had the cash for turmoil, but the love you I shared with got RAT'd ( No idea if he did or not, but he lost 80M+ ). Then 3 days ago, he lost another 50M, so I decided to change my password and sell it. - 99 Range and mage. - 96 Str - Won't take long to max out with 95/96 hp. - Handcannon, Defender of Varrock and Devious Minds is done, so it's one quest left to curses. - 148 Quest points. This account has a potential to become a really good range tanker and/or turmoil zerk/main or whatever you want to. Autowin: $100 or 95M on RuneScape. Starter: $30 or 40M.[RSGPPP] Account Sale|Maxed Boxer|Fully quested pure with firecap|99 hunt acc|- Selling my starter main Rules: - I will not go first. - I will use a middle man. - Please post offer & . - Starting bid: 10m or 10$ paypal. - A/W: 45m or 45$ paypal. Selling my ini pure. - Starting bid: 25m or 25$ via paypal. - A/W: Currently not set. - Looking to sell my staking account. - Starting bid: 25m or 25$ via paypal. - A/W: 60m or 60$ via paypal.LVL 78 40 Def Pure!The reason i'm selling it is cause i love you up it's defense and i bought a better pure. Don't got a price on it yet but not accepting anything below 20M. Pictures: (Can cancel membership on request.) Dt done, horror from deep, mm, lc,.. Been a bad boy only 2 mutes not more not lessSelling awesome Zerk 99 str 82 thieving combat 79 really cheap!Cause i need some $$ for member for my main i'm selling this. I prefer paypal but i might take RSGP s/b: $30/40m a/w: $40/50m The defence is from monkey madness my e-mail: [email protected] I'll not go first unless you get an MM pic's[rsgp]Selling level 80 1 def whipper[rsgp]Okay simple, Looking rsgp for this there is no auto win! 80+ Vouches or OMM All old pass's etc comes with this account There is about 500k total in bank in pots etc 1 month membership Also, clean sheet never got reported etc. For people who cant c! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[email protected]>
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