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    {5 vouches} -RSGP- Morrg. Jav Staker 85 range, 62 combat! {5 vouches}Hey sythe, Account MAN here selling another beautiful account. This account is purely mine, has not been botted on for over three and a half months, and is a beast staker. He can do multiple combos - Rune knife, Dragon dart, Morgans Jav, or Rune crossbow - He is also a great dbow pjer, pjed claws the other day infact. If you would like to offer, post ahead. Accepting RSGP or worth Swap, no newcomers. I have 5 vouches, how about you? [email protected][RSGP]selling lvl 73 g mauler 99 str!!! [RSGP]Title says it all Im selling my lvl 73 G mauler I currently came back to staking and I play on my staker account but im selling that too because i play on my main now I dont wanna stake and lose all of my money and I have no use of this account anymore this account also has 40 days of membership left, this account has never had recoveries and it has only had 1 password A/W 50m I will NOT go first Unless you have 20 vouches in 500$ or more ( no training vouches etc..) Willing to use OMM or a Trusted MM 50/50 I will not Accept swaps because I have to many accounts I will not accept Paypal Login: stats:[PP]Buying Pure Ranger[PP]add my [email protected] 80+ rangeSelling 75 Def Range Tank [Void][Quested]Combat level: 96 + 8 I am currently considering selling my range tank for RSGP or paypal. It is fully quested and has: -barrows gloves -full void (including the shield) -firecape -torso -rune defender -FILLED zamorak prayer book Additional Notes: Has done Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf, and is therefore able to use the Dwarf Hand Cannon. Has done Summers End and I have stunned at the Corporeal Beast many times on him. I will not go first under any circumstances, willing to split OMM costs. Contact me on or with offers. All serious offers will be considered. A/W set at 100m RSGP (I realize this is high, but I am also not in any hurry to sell this account)Selling level 93Okay I just made this sythe account because I wanna sell this rs account so i can put some money on my main and well its kinda just sitting there.. nothing major in the bank besides a torso and rune defender.... also the reason for the ? mark is it says i have recoverys set in 2007 there? but when i log on to cancel them it says i dont have any? does anybody have any ideas what i should go.. heres another picture so yeah im new and ill need somebody to explain the middle man thing to me and such.. i just want some cash on my main :pRSGP Selling VOID RANGE PURE 81 Str, 1 99 RSGPSOLDxxxxSelling lvl 76 boxerheres all the info: RSGP only : [email protected] ill be on for rest of the day. No A/W. Just bid. I will NOT go first. i know i am new but this site is full of scammers. No offence. I will go 50/50. Or us OMM on ur expense. Ty all.Level 98 70def pure rsgp/swapGreat account for Staking/Pking/Making money on 93 hunt now! Bidding starts at 25m, accepting pure's or zerkers for swap. Combat :ryan.preston61 Email:[email protected] Start your offers now!
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